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The secret to success is offering an affordable tiny truck. The Ford Maverick is more popular than expected as production can’t keep up. But the 2024 Ford Maverick may force you to settle on comfort, convenience, and lackluster tech.

The 2024 Ford Maverick makes up for a lack of comfort with truck practicality

First of all, this isn’t supposed to be a negative article about the 2024 Ford Maverick. After spending 500 miles in an XLT model with the FX4 package and the regular gas engine, I hope to paint a picture of what life with this compact truck is really like.

Because it’s based on an SUV platform with a unibody design, you might expect it to be more comfortable than it really is. However, it dries and handles like a tiny truck, which could be a dealbreaker for city dwellers who are used to smoother SUVs.

The ride can be bumpy and jiggly at times. It reminded me of driving my old single-cab 2004 Ford Ranger and the Toyota Tacoma. The 2023 Nissan Frontier and Chevy Colorado proved to have a smoother ride quality.

Also, the cloth seats in the Maverick XLT aren’t as comfortable as the leather-trimmed options found in the Lariat trim. At the beginning of the week, I complained because the seats were flat and uncomfortable, but by the end of the week, things were better.

I ended my time with the Maverick with a 2 ½ road trip and maybe I got used to the seats because they only seemed to lack lower back support in the end.

Also, the Maverick is fun to drive like the classic little trucks that are deeply missed. The 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine cranks out 255 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds making it the fastest option in its class.

While flooring it is irresistible, the steering is vague, interior noise quickly fills the cabin at speeds above 40 mph, the engine wheezes loudly with occasional high-pitched whines, and there’s a smidge of body roll around sharp curves.

Also, give yourself more time to stop to account for the truck bed. The Maverick has confident brakes but abrupt stops can send items in the cabin flying.

With the gas-powered model, you have automatic start and stop to save fuel. But as the engine cuts off at stop lights, so does the AC. Longer waiting times during rush hour can start to feel hotter and hotter. But you can easily turn this feature off with a press of a button

The gas-powered Maverick gets an EPA-estimated 22 mpg in the city and up to 29 mpg on the highway. I was as low as 23.8 mpg in the city and ended my journey with interstate road trips, city errands, and light off-roading with 25.8 mpg.

I’m still impressed by the amount of storage space in the Maverick. Multiple trays and bins can be found up front, with a deep center console, and large bins under the rear seats.

But the cupholders on the door sides are awkwardly shaped and make it difficult to store larger bottles. Regular-sized bottles kept falling over. Also, only one seat has a rear pocket for passengers in the back.

Speaking of passengers, the Maverick XLT doesn’t have rear air vents to keep kids and pets cool. Also, smaller rear passengers can use the back seat if shorter people sit up front.

But with average-sized people up front, the back of the front seats almost touch the cushions of the rear bench. The Ford Maverick can be a good family option for a band of hobbits, like me. At 5’1” it was the perfect size for me.

I loved throwing trash bags and bikes in the back of the Maverick. But the side walls of the bed are tall and difficult for shorter folks to reach over. The back of an SUV like the similar Ford Bronco Sport and Escape has easier liftover heights.

Also, loading groceries in the rain was made complicated by the lack of a tailgate to stand under. I had to get up between the Maverick and other closely parked vehicles to access the back seat.

Last but not least, the XLT Maverick could have more advanced tech. The graphics could have a better resolution, the rearview camera is a bit blurry, and the digital gauge cluster is extremely basic. It also doesn’t have wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

But the buttons are clearly labeled and the tech is intuitive. Some people who want the basics may appreciate the Maverick because you can just focus on driving.

The 2024 Ford Maverick is honest. It’s not trying to be anything it’s not. It’s a basic truck with a practical bed that’s fun to drive. Don’t be surprised if it’s a little spartan with tech, comfort, and convenience.