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The pace of new and improved trucks isn’t slowing down. The Ford Maverick still feels brand new, but apparently, it’s time for a few upgrades. That’s why I’m visiting the rumor mill to see what’s coming for the 2025 Ford Maverick and its mid-cycle refresh. 

Is the 2025 Ford Maverick being redesigned? 

Rumors suggest the 2025 Ford Maverick is receiving a mid-cycle refresh. This is supported by the fact that Ford’s Mike Levine told me not to expect any major changes for 2024. 

Plus, there have been tons of spy photos of the Ford Maverick being tested while wearing camouflage on its front and rear end. 

The Maverick just arrived in 2022, so it feels a bit early for significant changes. However, baked on the clues it’s safe to expect a new face. 

The grille, front bumper, and headlights could be redesigned to match other trucks in the lineup, like the Ford Ranger with its C-shaped headlights. Plus, the rear end could receive an updated rear bumper, tailgate, and refreshed taillights. 

Also, shots of the interior show that the 2025 Maverick could borrow the 10.1-inch infotainment system from the Ranger. Other potential tech upgrades include wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and an updated digital gauge cluster. 

While the Maverick Hybrid currently features plenty of power with an excellent fuel economy, it can’t be paired with AWD or the towing package. Hopefully, the 2025 model will address these issues. 

But the Maverick could become even more efficient with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The Maverick PHEV may borrow from the Ford Escape PHEV which generates 250 hp and gets an EPA-estimated 101 MPGe. 

I heard from a dealership in South Carolina that the fully electric Maverick is on the way. But there isn’t any way for me to verify that the Ford Maverick EV is happening unless Ford responds to my emails. 

But it makes sense as rivals like Volkswagen, Nissan, and Ram are working on a compact EV truck. However, Ford is slowing down on the transition to EV models. 

The most existing rumor is about a street-racing Maverick model. Some spy shots have captured a Maverick with a lowered suspension and smaller wheels. The racing variant could be called the Maverick Lobo. 

Stay tuned for updates as I continue harassing Ford employees for new information and digging for clues. Singifanct Maverick changes could happen for 2025.