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Little truck madness is still gripping our nation. People are willing to pay ridiculous prices for the Ford Maverick because there aren’t enough models to go around. Being 10% over MSRP isn’t slowing sales of the 2024 Maverick at all. 

Why do Ford Maverick prices keep increasing? 

The 2024 Ford Maverick off-roading
2024 Ford Maverick | Ford

Prices for the Ford Maverick have climbed substantially since its debut in 2022. It used to start with an MSRP of $19,995, so Ford could offer an affordable yet practical option to the masses. 

This idea took off like wildfire as the order bank had to close early. Now the MSRP is up to $23,815. That’s a $3,820 increase in two years. Plus, the hybrid engine used to come standard but now it costs $1,500 to upgrade. 

You could attribute the rising prices to multiple factors such as rising inflation and supply chain constraints. But it’s really a case of supply and demand. There’s not enough of these tiny trucks to go around!

So, good luck getting this truck for its MSRP. First of all, tack on the $1,595 destination fee then check out dealership markups. 

The Maverick is actually considered to be the worst deal on the market right now. It’s selling for about 10% over MSRP on a regular basis. 

The average cost for a new Maverick model is $34,855. That’s already an increase of $11,070 over the starting price. On top of that, people are spending an average of $3,355 over the baseline, pushing the cost up to $38,406. 

For that much, you could get a 2024 Ford Ranger or Ford F-150. But that defeats the purpose of a small, fuel-efficient truck for the city. 

Ford has been working to increase production of the Maverick by adding more shifts at the Hermosillo plant in Mexico, where it’s built. But it hasn’t been able to ramp up fast enough to keep up with demand. 

To be honest, we’re worried that the Maverick is in a bubble that will pop pretty hard. As demand catches up and supply wanes, prices may crash. People could get upside down in their truck payments. 

The Maverick currently has an excellent depreciation rate that’s subject to change. If it drops current and future owners could face losses. 

Stay tuned as we continue tracking pricing trends and production for the Maverick. We hope another formidable rival like the Hyundai Santa Cruz emerges soon.