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The Aston Martin Vantage is back with a new look. It’s welcome news for the brand’s faithful fans who continue to choose its GT cars over the Porsche 911s of the world. However, you won’t find a V12 in the newest Vantage. Instead, the 2025 Aston Martin Vantage packs a much punchier twin-turbocharged V8 behind its big-business grille. 

Despite fewer cylinders, the 2025 Aston Martin Vantage outmuscles the previous model by 128 horsepower

It’s a sad day for Aston fans; the Aston Martin model’s V12 is no more. However, there’s a method behind the madness. The British marque opted for a twin-turbocharged 4.0L V8 for the 2025 Aston Martin Vantage with a 656 horsepower on tap. That’s a massive 128-horsepower gain over the outgoing 2023 model, despite the loss of four cylinders. 

The result? Aston Martin says its new GT car will hit 60 mph in 3.4 seconds on its way to a top speed of 202 mph. Sure, the Vantage loses its V12, but what a gain. Of course, the engine isn’t the only update in the next-generation luxury performance car. 

A 2025 Aston Martin Vantage shows off its rear-end styling.
2025 Aston Martin Vantage | Aston Martin

Regarding handling improvements, the new Vantage rides on Bilstein DTX adaptive dampers and model-specific Michelin Pilot S 5 tires. Better yet, the new Vantage manages to accomplish 50/50 weight distribution with its new design and mill. Beyond performance updates, the Vantage also gets a new look for 2025, save for a familiar rear end. 

A 2025 Aston Martin Vantage shows off its front-end styling.
2025 Aston Martin Vantage | Aston Martin

Still, you’ll have to let the Vantage’s styling sink in. We’ll call it, well, challenging. Hear me out. The new Vantage is a bit like a complicated painting. You know it’s beautiful before you study. But there’s something that challenges your interpretation. Its gaping maw might put people off. However, the more you closely admire it, the prettier it gets. Vindicated by Vantage.