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8 Genius Ways To Save Money On Driving

The addition of a vehicle to your household means more money out of pocket. Hopefully, you did some shopping and found a good deal on a vehicle. Maybe you even budgeted for oil changes, wiper blade replacements, and other necessary maintenance that a vehicle will need during its lifetime. Assuming you’ve got that covered, there are ways to save …

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Is Goodyear Going Out of Business?

Goodyear received a lesson in equality recently and it not only made the news, but it angered President Trump. An employee at the company recently said that the tire company’s new policy does not resemble equality at all and a picture was taken from a presentation has been making the rounds on social media to …

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Recalls: Sprinter Vans, Trailers, and a Tire

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, or NHTSA, has issued recalls for several popular recreational vehicles and a specific tire. Some of these are minor issues, such as a label. Some, not so much, such as a tire. Please review the recall information below and take action as necessary so that you can enjoy your RV, trailer, or …

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Places in a Car That Smugglers Try to Hide Things

It is no surprise that south of the United States border, there are a lot of people trying to find ways to get Americans to part with their cash. Sometimes that means smuggling illegal substances across the border to them. Everyday US Border Patrol agents and their K9 partners inspect untold numbers of vehicles to prevent this illegal smuggling. …

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What are the Best Truck Tires for Towing?

When you hit you the road for a weekend of adventure and making memories with the fam, the last thing you want to worry about is your tires. You are a conscientious driver that already knows your tire choice matters. If you’re towing a camper, boat, or any other type of hobby trailer the tires …

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Are Snow Tires Really Worth It?

There is a vast community of Americans who’ve adapted to long, cold winters. Northerners know that, even in the warmth of summer, snow isn’t really that far away. Winter is in the back of their mind throughout the year. Whether it’s procuring and storing firewood for that wood-burning stove, keeping a supply of driveway salt …

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Can You Put Truck Tires on an SUV?

When it comes to tires, there are so many different tire types out there. There are huge all-terrain tires, soft rubber racing tires, and mediocre gently used tires. Each tire is offered with a specific purpose in mind. Certain tires are compatible with particular vehicles. Can you put truck tires on an SUV? This is …

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What Are The Best Tires For an SUV?

You are the proud owner of a beloved SUV. Whether it’s been with you for 150,000 miles and is like an old friend, or it’s a pretty new purchase and you are replacing its tires for the first time, you want to make sure you are buying the best tires for your SUV. You know …

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Best Tires for an Electric Vehicle

Your electric vehicle needs to be fitted with tires that will be durable and quiet to ensure an optimal driving experience while extending your car’s driving range. Low-rolling-resistance, green car, or eco tires are engineered to either help improve your car’s fuel economy, or for use in electric vehicles. When tire shopping for your EV, …