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This is really two stories. One is about the forthcoming 2025 Alfa Romeo B-segment compact SUV we show here. But the other is how these images came to light on the Spanish website CocheSpias. But first, the Alfa SUV.

Alfa Romeo parent company, Stellantis, is spreading out its new EV platforms across most of its brands. With the eCMP electric platform, we’ve already seen the Jeep Avenger, Peugeot e-2008, and Fiat 600e. None of those SUVs sell in North America. These images are of Alfa Romeo’s take on the eCMP, which it calls “966.” 

Will North America get the Alfa Romeo 966 SUV?

2025 Alfa Romeo 966 EV  phantom view showing batteries
2025 Alfa Romeo 966 EV | CocheSpias

While Americans prefer larger vehicles, compact SUVs have a tremendous following in Europe. So, it makes sense that Alfa is getting its own BEV with this platform. Whether it comes to North America isn’t known, but there is always a chance.

Each of the brands does a good job of hiding their inner structure similarities. Especially for the C-pillars, each has its own take. For Alfa, we see the traditional curvy and more organic approach to design details and panel surfaces. Contrast that to Peugeot’s e-2008. 

2023 Peugeot e-2008 EV SUV studio shot
2023 Peugeot e-2008 EV SUV | Stellantis

Of course, the 966 features the traditional Trefoil grille, though it looks quite different from all previous ones. Below it is a grille, which suggests the SUV will be available in both EV and hybrid versions. Overall, the 966 body looks much like a shrunken Alfa Tonale, though the upper is completely unique. 

How much range will the Alfa Romeo 966 SUV have?

Yellow 2023 Jeep Avenger EV SUV with ocean background
2023 Jeep Avenger EV SUV | Stellantis

What looks to be fake vents or cabin exhaust is part of the hockey stick-like taillights. Beyond that, it looks very similar to the Tonale as well. The transitions are almost identical, though the lower panel has a different approach that changes it up a bit.

2025 Alfa Romeo 966 EV rear tip up shot
2025 Alfa Romeo 966 EV | CocheSpias

Because it is the eCMP platform, we know that it will use a 54 kWh battery, which gives it a range of between 250 miles to 340 miles depending on traffic conditions. We can see the battery pack and single motor, which resolves the EV or not question. 

eCMP SUVs have a range of wheelbases from 160.8 inches to 169.3. Those variances show the versatility the platform offers. Beyond this, there are few clues to go on. 

Where did these images come from?

2025 Alfa Romeo 966 EV leaked image
2025 Alfa Romeo 966 EV | CocheSpias

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As for the CocheSpias images, they came from a graphic designer’s postings about his involvement in instrumentation interfaces. Specifically for the three driving modes, according to AutoEvolution. The designer has since removed the images from his online portfolio, but they have already been published by several websites, so the cat is out of the bag. It was probably not intentional, but I would not want to be the designer once Alfa comes calling. 

With so few compact EV SUVs in the U.S., it would be interesting to see how one done by Alfa would fare here. With Alfa having a tough time in North America, we would think that anything is worth a try at this point.