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Today we are checking in on a fallen SUV. After being redesigned, the Toyota Sequoia is struggling to find its footing against the previous generation. The 2024 Toyota Sequoia is almost ranking in last place. Let’s see why. 

Why is the 2024 Toyota Sequoia in last place? 

According to U.S.News, the 2024 Toyota Sequoia isn’t doing so hot. It’s ranked in seventh place on the list of the Best Larger SUVs for 2024, meaning it’s almost in last. The 2024 Nissan Armada is in eighth place with a 7.2

While the 2024 Toyota Sequoia earned a ranking of 7.2 out of 10, the 2024 Chevy Suburban and 2024 Jeep Wagoneer are tied in first place with a score of 8.2. 

U.S.News serves as an industry average for vehicle rankings. The scores are based on published reviews published by respected automotive critics online, in magazines, and newspapers. 

Each score evaluates a vehicle based on its performance, interior, ratings, safety, reliability, fuel economy, cargo space, and towing power. 

A few features that impacted the Sequoia’s score include its cumbersome handling on the road, cramped third row, limited cargo space, and its high starting price for the class. 

The 2024 Sequoia starts at $61,275 while the 2024 Suburban starts at $59,200 and the 2024 Wagoneer starts at $62,495. So the price seems average for its class. 

The 2024 Toyota Sequoia  towing a camper
2024 Toyota Sequoia | Toyota

But the third row is quite limited and the second row seats don’t slide forward or back. The seats don’t fold flat to create a level loading floor, which can be inconvenient. 

The Sequoia has 22.3 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row and up to 86.9 cubes overall. The Suburban has 41.5 cubic feet behind the third row and up to 144.7 cubes overall. 

While the steering could be more direct, the brakes are confident. Also, large pillars create a few blind spots. 

Reasons to consider the Sequoia include its stout V6 hybrid engine with 437 hp. The Sequoia is the fastest SUV in its class and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.0 seconds. It’s efficient and gets an EPA-estimated 21 mpg in the city and up to 24 mpg on the highway.

Also, it has a smooth ride with plenty of off-roading capabilities. It has intuitive tech and a long list of standard features such as heated seats, a 360-degree camera, a power moonroof, tri-zone automatic climate control, and parking sensors.