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The all-new 2024 GMC Acadia SUV just got bigger in every dimension. To give you an idea of just how big it has become, it is only six inches shorter than the full-size Yukon. Which kind of begs the question, “Why buy one over the other?” Especially when there are no engine choices, it’s the new 2.5-liter turbocharged four-banger or nothing. 

With the GMC Yukon, there is a choice of three engines. A 5.3-liter V8, a 6.2-liter V8, or a 3.0-liter Duramax turbo-diesel. But the Acadia’s inline-four is all new. Let’s take a look at it first, then we’ll drill down on size and features, both of which are huge.

How much power does the 2024 Acadia engine have?

Blue 2024 GMC Acadia SUV on pebbles
2024 GMC Acadia SUV | GM

The 2.5-liter has 328 hp and 326 lb-ft of torque. Spinning an eight-speed automatic transmission, you can have it either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The AT4 trim features Active Torque Control (ATC) with twin-clutch differentials, offering some level of off-road prowess. And towing capacity is right at 5,000 lbs. 

So, while a V6 seems a better fit for a larger Acadia, the 2.5 has some grunt. The outgoing V6 had a maximum of 310 hp and 271 lb-ft of torque. So, at least by the numbers, the new four-cylinder makes offering the V6 moot.

How much larger is the 2024 Acadia?

2024 GMC Acadia SUV rear 3/4 view
2024 GMC Acadia SUV | GM

As for the bigger size, the 2024 Acadia comes out 10.6 inches longer and 3.2 inches taller, with a wheelbase 8.6 inches longer than the 2023 model. The overall length is 204 inches versus the Yukon’s 210 inches. All of this translates into a much larger cabin. 

Cargo space behind the second row increases by 36%. Behind the third row, there is an 80% increase. There is no longer a two-row option, according to Automotive News. But many will like the ability to pack in seven or eight passengers depending on trims. 

What are the new 2024 Acadia trims?

2024 GMC Acadia SUV white interior
2024 GMC Acadia SUV | GM

While GMC only gives details for two trims, the AT4 and Denali, the base SLE and SLT trims will most assuredly be part of the mix. Besides the AT-4’s ATC, it gets a lift, wider track, 18-inch off-road tires, a tuned suspension that includes hydraulic rebound control, and torque vectoring. 

For the Denali, GMC luxes things up with 22-inch wheels, a panoramic roof, laser-etch wood, heat and cool seats, and 16-speaker Bose audio. There is also the requisite lavish smattering of chrome both inside and out.

How much is the new Acadia?

2024 GMC Acadia SUV dash and seat shot
2024 GMC Acadia SUV | GM

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Inside, the dash now features a 17-inch thin screen, a large volume knob, and actual buttons for climate controls. Google built-in navigation is also part of the package, with Super Cruise for semi-autonomous driving. There is also a head-up display to help unclutter the dash.

Pricing won’t be available until closer to production, which is coming in the first part of 2024. In all, it looks like GM is hedging its bets by keeping SUV gassers like the Acadia, Chevy Traverse, and Buick Enclave. Cadillac is going in the opposite direction with a clean slate of all-electric SUVs starting in 2025. With GM’s EV woes, this is looking like a better strategy every day.