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The Ford Bronco combines fun style and off-road chops like little else. From its retro-inspired bodywork to its brawny construction, this American SUV is built for a good time on the trails. Because of that, it’s been a hit with consumers.

Ford offers a range of Bronco trims—including 2-door and 4-door body styles—tailored to individual budgets and preferences. That lets more people get behind the wheel of this iconic sport utility vehicle.

Using Ford’s Build and Price tool, I configured a new Bronco that’s a mix of solid value and high-end equipment. Here’s what I ended up with.

Realistic 2024 Ford Bronco build: trim and powertrain

I live in the Green Mountains of Northern Vermont. Conditions can get pretty harsh here. From snowy mornings to beat-up back roads, I need an SUV with rugged performance and a strong powertrain. I’m also an outdoor enthusiast, so I need plenty of room to store my gear. But I don’t want a lot of luxury add-ons. Using the Ford Build and Price tool, here’s how I spec’ed my Bronco.

To start, I chose the Black Diamond trim in a 4-door body style. At $43,370 (plus destination) it brings off-road upgrades like a locking rear diff, heavy-duty skid plates, and rock rails. Having four doors gives me plenty of room for family and friends, along with storage for snowboards and related equipment.

Next up was picking a powertrain. The 4-door Bronco Black Diamond is a big vehicle. At around 5,000 lbs, it has the heft of a rugged off-roader. To that end, I picked the optional 2.7-liter turbo V6 with 330 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque. That also added a 10-speed auto, for a total price increase of $4,140.

The standard part-time 4×4 system had plenty of capability for my needs, and the seven G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) modes brought efficiency and traction.

There are plenty of options and accessories


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With a simple yet capable build so far, I added personalized options for a unique ride. With so many new Broncos on the road these days, it was fun to configure something a little different. Here’s what I picked.

To begin, I went with Hot Pepper Red Metallic Tintcoat paint ($495). It brought a vibrant appearance to the already energetic-looking SUV. Not only that, but its metallic sheen added depth and spark.

Next, I added a hard top for $1,895. When it’s below zero and snowing, having extra protection is vital.

For extra style and function, I opted for the fender flare kit ($520). Not only did that bring trophy truck looks, but also paint protection in challenging conditions.

Lastly, I added a spare tire cover with TG stamping ($120) for even more retro nostalgia.

Inside, the standard marine grade vinyl seats, 7-speaker sound system, and 12-inch LCD touchscreen suited me just fine. I didn’t feel the need to dress up my utilitarian build.

In the end, my realistic Ford Bronco build totaled $52,315 (plus destination). For that, I got a function-first SUV with sweet retro style and rugged equipment. Without adding too many comfort and convenience options, this classic SUV’s brawny essence shined through. For a Vermont winter, it’s an excellent package.