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The Ford Bronco was an instant hit when it was revived for the 2021 model year. Naturally, off-road enthusiasts loved that it was true to its roots with real off-road chops, a retro aesthetic, and an available manual transmission. Even people who aren’t into cars couldn’t help but notice that the Bronco is back, and it’s just plain cool.

The Ford Bronco (along with its top rival, the Jeep Wrangler) is one of the only SUVs offered as both a 2-door and a 4-door. These different body styles add a welcome variety to the Bronco lineup. Since the 4-door model is bigger, it comes with a price premium over the 2-door. Let’s look at how much extra the 4-door variant of this Ford SUV will cost you over the more traditional 2-door.

How much does the 2023 Ford Bronco cost?

The 2023 Ford Bronco starts at $34,890 for the 2-door model in the base trim. The most affordable 4-door Bronco is $38,040 (per Ford’s website). That’s an extra $3,150 over the 2-door; a not insignificant premium. However, the cost of the 4-door over the 2-door in the same trim varies quite a bit.

With the exception of the 4-door-only Bronco Raptor, every trim is available with both body styles. The extra cost of the 4-door over the 2-door is $990 for the Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Heritage trims, $1,290 for the Badlands and Heritage Limited trims, $1,590 for the Outer Banks trim, and only $540 for the Wildtrak model.

By the way, none of these prices include the mandatory $1,795 destination fee that applies to all Bronco models.

Why such big price differences?

It’s a little unclear why there’s such a big difference in the price of the 4-door depending on the trim. $540 for the Wildtrak and $3,150 for the base trim is a pretty big jump. Part of the reason the 2-door base trim is so cheap is so Ford can advertise a modest starting price for the Bronco.

In reality, the transaction price for the vast majority of Bronco models is well over $40k, even though the starting MSRP is under $35k.

Even if we ignore the big price gap in body styles for the base trim, there are still pretty big price disparities in the other trims. It’s odd that there are so many price differences for the 4-door depending on the trim.

We see this from time to time, but for the most part, an option like this has the same price difference across the board. For example, features like a convertible roof or AWD often have the same price premium across the model range of a given vehicle, regardless of trim.

Which Ford Bronco is right for me?

For most drivers, the 4-door Bronco is more practical than the 2-door. In addition to having more doors, the 4-door model is a bigger SUV with much more interior space. For example, the 4-door has about 16 more cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats than the 2-door model.

However, the 2-door has some advantages like greater off-road agility, a lower price tag, and a more traditional off-roader aesthetic.


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