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If you’re in the market for a new Ford Bronco, we’ve got some bad news. In this case, bad news comes in threes. First, Ford is dropping the base Bronco. That means the least-expensive 2024 Bronco price is higher by almost $4,000 more. Thanks, Ford!

We get it, the Bronco is hot. Dealers can’t keep them, and Ford literally can’t make enough for demand. So it’s that old supply and demand thing, with Ford figuring if it can’t keep up, it needs to raise the price. But with this move, it doesn’t have to say it is raising the Bronco’s price because it isn’t. 

What was the 2023 Bronco base price?

2024 Ford Bronco front 3/4 view
2024 Ford Bronco | Ford

The next version up from the previous base model hasn’t gotten a price increase. But it’s almost $4,000 more than the previous base, get it? It’s the Big Bend model, and it’s the new base Bronco. Now, it’s easy to remember: base Bronco Big Bend. 

Ford told The Drive it’s making the move to “better align it with customer needs and shorten manufacturing time.” Got it. For the customer, that means $41,025 with destination (whatever that is?) rather than the former base price of $37,430. Of course, the Big Bend trim comes with more than the former base model, so it’s not like you’re getting a lesser product. 

What does the new 2024 Bronco base price get you?

Red 2024 Ford Bronco roofless
2024 Ford Bronco | Ford

That begins with many more bonuses including the 12-inch screen becoming standard. The former base had an eight-inch screen. There are also 17-inch wheels, 32-inch tall all-terrain tires, LED fog lamps, the steering wheel adding leather wrapping, and more. 

More changes are happening for the other 2024 Bronco trims, too. Standard Badlands trims get the heavy-duty modular front bumper. And the Badlands trim returns. Plus, the Raptor version gets two new colors, the Agent Orange package and body-color fender extensions.  

More Bronco bad news

Gray 2024 Ford Bronco in snow
2024 Ford Bronco | Ford

Oh, and the third bad news is that the base model of the Bronco Sport also gets the ax. Of course, the Bronco and Bronco Sport are two different animals. So that probably won’t affect full-size Bronco buyers. But for you potential Bronco Sport buyers, yeah, it’s the same for you. It’s always what happens from one year model to the next, but we don’t have to like it, right?

The news comes as Ford just opened up 2024 Bronco ordering today, August 16. So before Ford moves those numbers around even higher, you better get those orders in soon if you want a new Bronco. Higher prices are always just around the corner. 


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