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Ford and Chevrolet are two of the most well-respected American automakers. However, Chevy owners are happier than Ford owners in one significant way. They say Chevrolet provides a better dealership experience. Here’s how the Bow Tie brand and the Blue Oval compare in dealership experience and how they stack up against other rivals.

Vehicle owners say Chevy offers a better dealership experience than Ford

Chevy trucks lined up at Selman dealership
Chevy trucks at dealership | Jeff Gritchen/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty

J.D. Power uses a few ways to calculate an overall dealership experience score. First, the market research firm looks at the car-buying experiences of owners of 1- to 5-year-old vehicles. This aspect of the score rates the dealership’s customer service skills. The other part of the score involves how the franchised dealership works with the customer for vehicle maintenance they need down the line.

Regarding Chevy and Ford dealership experience, both automakers have much to offer customers. However, Chevy owners gave Chevrolet a “great” 85 out of 100 in this area in J.D. Power surveys. Meanwhile, Ford owners gave the Blue Oval’s dealerships an “average” 78 out of 100 — seven points lower than Chevy and three points below the “great” range.

It’s also important to note the stability of Chevy’s and Ford’s dealership experience ratings. Both automakers have maintained the same scores since 2020. However, consumers should note that most of the automakers that have had a change in ratings saw only minor updates. Most likely, that’s due to consistent staff training at these dealerships.

How do owners’ Ford and Chevy dealership experiences compare to other brands?

Ford owner
A smiling Ford driver | Ford Motor Company

Now that we know how Ford and Chevy dealership experiences compare, let’s see how they stack up against their luxury counterparts. For instance, Cadillac, Chevrolet’s luxury cousin, also earned an 85 out of 100, meaning those customers reported the same level of experience as Chevy owners. Another General Motors brand, GMC, got an 85/100. However, Ford’s luxury arm, Lincoln, received a 76/100, putting it two points below the mass-market brand.

And how do Ford and Chevy compare to their mainstream Japanese rivals, Toyota and Honda? Honda has a dealership experience rating of 80/100 from J.D. Power, above Ford but below Chevy. However, Toyota has a 76/100, below both American auto giants.

Why does dealership experience matter?

Dealership experience isn’t the first thing most people consider when shopping for a car. However, it’s an essential area because consumers deserve proper treatment. Not only that, but this area of car buying also matters because it partially determines if buyers will become repeat customers for an automaker. Dealership experience is one of the reasons why Ford owners and Chevy owners are loyal to these brands.