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BMW is one of the world’s most popular automakers, and its biggest rival is German neighbor Mercedes-Benz. The two compete in almost every segment, including luxury midsize SUVs. Here’s a look at how the new 2024 BMW X5 compares to the competition, the 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE. 

2024 BMW X5 vs. 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE: Price comparison

Because the 2024 BMW X5 and 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE are luxury SUVs, they’re expensive. Still, some shoppers might choose the cheaper model. According to Edmunds, it’s the Mercedes. The GLE starts at around $64,000, about $2,000 under the X5’s starting price of $66,000. 

That price difference carries through the trim levels. The range-topping GLE trim starts at about $88,000, while the priciest X5 starts at $90,000. Customers interested in buying the most expensive option might turn to the Bimmer, though. A fully loaded BMW X5 can cost over $120,000.

2024 BMW X5 vs. 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE: Powertrains, fuel economy, and towing capacity

As for engines, the BMW X5 and Mercees-Benz GLE offer various options. The X5 starts with a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder making 375 hp. Upgrading to the M60i brings a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 producing 523 hp. BMW also offers the Competition package for the M60i, boosting the V8’s output to 617 hp. In addition, the X5 offers a plug-in hybrid version making 483 hp.

The PHEV’s fuel economy is 50 MPGe combined, and it can go 40 miles in battery-only mode. Meanwhile, the standard X5 gets about 25 mpg combined.

The GLE has a weaker base engine, a 2.0-liter turbo-four producing 255 hp. However, Mercedes-Benz offers more engine options. There’s also a 375-hp six-cylinder, a 510-hp V8, and a potent 603-hp 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8.

Like BMW, Mercedes-Benz has a PHEV option too. It makes 381 hp, but its range is unclear. Edmunds says it could be around 30 miles. There also isn’t a fuel economy estimate for the PHEV yet. But the standard GLE gets about 22 mpg combined.

As for towing, the GLE leads. It can trailer 7,700 pounds, 500 pounds more than the X5’s 7,200-pound towing capacity.

X5 vs. GLE: Passenger and cargo space


The BMW X5 and X6 Are Going in Opposite Directions

Because the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE are luxury two-row midsize SUVs, they’re similarly sized. And both seat five. Riders will fit comfortably and enjoy about the same amount of headroom and legroom in the front row. That said, the two SUVs differ slightly in second-row passenger space. The X5 has more headroom, but the GLE has more legroom.

It’s a similar story regarding cargo capacity. With all seatbacks in the upright position, the X5 provides 33.9 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear row. That’s slightly more than the GLE’s 33.3 cubic ft. However, with the rear seats folded down, the Benz takes the lead. It has a maximum cargo capacity of 74.9 cubic feet — almost 3 cubic feet more than the BMW’s 72.3 cubic feet.