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The modern MINI was brought to American streets in 2002 with the MINI Cooper Hardtop. Since then, it has become a staple on American roads. It enjoys a cult-like following, rivaling the Volkswagen Beetle and Fiat 500. These iconic cars offer some performance paired with a cute appearance.

With the 2023 MINI hitting dealer lots this year, this famous compact is set for another successful year with more options available than ever. Here is everything you need to know about the 2023 MINI Hardtop.

When can I get a 2023 MINI?

The 2023 MINI Cooper started production in March 2022, ahead of the summer car-buying rush. The MINI Hardtop 2-door, 4-door, and convertible variants will all be produced at the same time.

Before you get too excited, remember that MINI is still suffering from the same supply chain issues as other makes. So it may be difficult to find a MINI on short notice. Currently, on the MINI website, you can build and price your MINI Hardtop exactly the way you want it. With a $250 deposit, you can ensure that your dream MINI will be eventually delivered. Customers can expect an average wait time of around three months for factory delivery of their MINI. At least that’s what dealerships like MINI of Warwick in Rhode Island say.

How much will the 2023 MINI Hardtop cost?

2023 MINI Hardtop pricing is as follows:

  • Base trim: Cooper Hardtop two-door – $24,250
  • Cooper Hardtop four-door – $25,250
  • Cooper S Hardtop two-door – $27,750
  • Mid-range: Cooper S Hardtop four-door – $28,750
  • MINI Cooper SE Electric Hardtop – $29,900
  • Cooper SE Hardtop – $30,750
  • Range topper: John Cooper Works Hardtop – $33,750

Surprisingly, the MINI Hardtop’s pricing is fairly in-line with the previous model year’s prices. With inflation and record-high fuel prices, more car for the same money as last year is a welcome surprise. The price of the new MINI SE Electric Hardtop is also seeing positive reviews from critics. On top of that, it is currently one of the most affordable EVs you can buy.

For 2023, the MINI Hardtop offers new special edition models. These include MINI Resolute Edition and the John Cooper Works high performance model.

2023 MINI Hardtop specs

The 2023 MINI Cooper Hardtop remains largely unchanged from its previous offerings. This means the classic nimble and sporty ride of the MINI is still wonderful. The current generation of MINI is just starting to show its age. Still, the car gets more and more refined every year.

The gas-powered MINI Hardtop has two engine options, a base 1.5L turbo three-cylinder engine making 134 horsepower. Additionally, the MINI offers an available 2.0L turbo four-cylinder engine. This option makes up to 228 horsepower in the John Cooper Works trim. However, the biggest update to the MINI lineup is the MINI SE Electric, updated for 2023.

Yes, for 2023, the MINI Cooper has an electric drivetrain option. Although one of the most affordable entry-level EVs on the market today, this affordability comes with limitations; the MINI EV has only around 110 miles of range according to Car and Driver. However, the MINI Cooper Electric still carries the same fun-loving, great handling philosophies carried down from its gas-powered predecessors. Also, it is shaping up to be a wonderful EV for driving around town.

The 2023 MINI Cooper vs. subcompact competition

2023 MINI Cooper S High Resolution Edition in a press photo
2023 MINI Hardtop High Resolution Edition | MBW Group

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In the small, sporty compact car market, there are plenty of contenders that go head to head with the MINI Hardtop. Consumer Reports ranks the MINI Hardtop fourth in this category. The Mazda MX-5 Miata, Honda Civic, and Volkswagen GTI taking the top spots. With legendary names like these heavyweights as direct competition, the MINI Hardtop holds its own as an iconic, sporty compact.

While the MINI has had its fair share of criticism over the years, they are continuously improving. Plus, with the development of its first EV, the future of the MINI Cooper seems bright.