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New car models are finally coming out. And one that has enthusiasts excited is the 2023 Mini Cooper Countryman. There’s talk of hybrid capability, cool new packages, and sleeker interior designs. But one big question still looms. Does the 2023 Mini Cooper Countryman have Android Auto?

A few automakers in recent years have been slow to adopt the in-car tech designed for hands-free use of mobile devices. Most car companies raced to add Android and Apple connectivity a few years ago. And as we head into 2023, you might presume Android Auto and Apple CarPlay come standard in all vehicles. But you’d be mistaken. Here are the tech features you can expect in the new Mini Cooper Countryman.

A sneak peek at the 2023 Mini Cooper Countryman

2023 Mini Cooper Countryman Android Auto
2023 Mini Cooper Countryman | BMW Group

It’s the plus-size version of the popular Mini Cooper, capable of seating five adults. And the latest treatment of the Mini Cooper Countryman shows it should be more practical than before.

Car and Driver highlights what buyers can expect in terms of equipment and extras, including options for a turbocharged three- or four-cylinder and front- or all-wheel drive. 

And TrueCar outlines additional insights, like an estimated 26 mpg to 29 mpg combined gas mileage rating, cargo capacity of 17.2 to 17.6 cubic feet, and horsepower potential of up to 301 hp, depending upon the engine.

According to Mini, pricing starts at $34,950, and the interior is “amped up” with a new digital instrument cluster, upgraded interior materials, and comfortable seating for five adults.

But what about the Mini Cooper Countryman’s Android Auto integration?

Will the 2023 Mini Cooper Countryman have Android Auto?

Unfortunately for Android users who also happen to be Mini fans, the union won’t happen for 2023 Countryman. The BMW Group, which owns Mini, began incorporating Android Auto into BMW models in 2020. But the Mini brand didn’t get the Android Auto function, BMW Blog reported. And the Mini lineup will still go without the pairing technology in 2023.

If you’re unfamiliar with Android Auto, it’s a smartphone integration software that allows car occupants to pair devices for hands-free use. But it’s become even more user-friendly with Google’s recent round of updates. Now, Android Auto can tap into a full suite of functions, such as Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Spotify. There’s even a split-screen display for the vehicle’s in-dash infotainment screen.

It’s too bad the 2023 Mini Cooper Countryman won’t have Android Auto connectivity. 

Other useful tech features in the 2023 model

The 2023 Mini Cooper Countryman lacking Android Auto could be a dealbreaker for some car shoppers. But that doesn’t mean the plus-size Cooper won’t have cool and useful tech. For example, Apple CarPlay comes standard. The Countryman will also have voice command capability, an 8.8-inch touch display, and a well-placed console dial.

Also new is a special-edition package. The Untamed Edition will be available for the Cooper S and the plug-in hybrid SE variations. It will come with “Untamed” badging and 18-inch two-tone wheels. Expect fun color combinations, including the piano design. There’s also a backlit dashboard panel that will display a mountain landscape.

The 2023 Mini Cooper Countryman provides plenty to get excited about. But if you were hoping for Android Auto integration, you’ll be disappointed.


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