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The 2023 Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular SUVs in its class and worldwide. However, the 2023 Honda Pilot is, in many ways, a much better choice. While both vehicles are great, the 2023 Pilot beats the latest Toyota 4Runner in many ways that count. 

Here’s why the new Honda Pilot is a great choice over the 2023 Toyota 4Runner. 

The Honda Pilot 2023 offers roughly the same performance

2023 Toyota 4Runner in black
2023 Toyota 4Runner | Toyota

The 4Runner 2023 is beyond popular. However, it’s not necessarily superior to the new Honda Pilot regarding performance. According to Car and Driver, the newest model Honda SUV has a 3.5-liter V6 engine with a maximum output of 285 horsepower. The new Toyota 4Runner has a higher capacity at 4.0 liters but is a tad less powerful. 

Regarding speed, the Honda Pilot 2023 beats the sluggish Toyota 4runner. The new Pilot accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 6.3 seconds. However, the 4Runner 2023 takes well over 7 seconds to reach the benchmark. The new Honda Pilot has also been praised for its new ten-speed transmission. 

The new Honda Pilot arguably has a better interior

2023 Honda Pilot interior
2023 Honda Pilot | Honda

The interior of the Honda Pilot 2023 is another reason it’s better than the new 4Runner. The 2023 Toyota 4Runner interior is a bit lacking, and many would call it outdated. However, the new Honda Pilot includes a cabin that perfectly balances comfort and advanced technology. The new Honda Pilot seats up to eight passengers; the number goes down to seven with the optional second-row captain’s chairs. 

The new Honda Pilot’s interior technology use is similar to that of the new 4Runner. The Toyota SUV has a standard 8-inch touchscreen, whereas the Pilot has a 7-inch screen. The upper trims of the Honda Pilot have a 9-inch touchscreen. Despite the two SUVs being similar, many would argue that the technology in the Honda Pilot looks more current than that in the new 4Runner. 

The Honda Pilot is safer than the 2023 4Runner

2023 Honda Pilot in blue
2023 Honda Pilot | Honda
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Owning a safe SUV is at the top of the list for most buyers. The Honda Pilot 2023 is considered to be much safer than the new Toyota 4Runner. Though the new Pilot hasn’t been fully tested, the safety ratings for the new 4Runner are okay at best. It’s also important to note that the automaker built the new Pilot to achieve Top Safety Pick+ status from the IIHS. 

Overall, the 2023 Honda Pilot is an excellent choice for a new SUV. It may not be as popular as the 4Runner, but it comes out on top in more ways than one. Regarding price, the Pilot is also a tad bit cheaper as it starts at $35,950. However, the new 4Runner comes in at $39,555. Though a small difference, the gap in price adds up as more features are added to either vehicle.