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2023 BMW XM Review: 

  • 2023 BMW XM: $159,000 
  • Best Compact Premium SUV of 2023 – J.D.Power 
  • Pros: Attractive interior, Comfortable M Lounge, plenty of power 
  • Cons: Stiff ride quality, bonkers starting price, hefty size 
  • MotorBiscuit score: 8.2 
The 2023 BMW XM parked near foliage
2023 BMW XM | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Check out the brand new 2023 BMW XM plug-in hybrid SUV. This luxurious beast combines an athletic attitude with comfort and elegance. The BMW XM brought back the kidney-shaped grille, which gets love-it-or-hate-it reactions while crafting a unique style. 

The electric power enhances the V8 engine’s performance to truly earn the M badge, but some aspects of its ride quality fall short. The suspension is overly stiff, and the cabin gets noisy at highway speeds. 

But the futuristic interior and advanced tech make up for the difference with innovative customization features and unmatched comfort. At $159,000, there’s only one trim level available that’s loaded with premium features. 

2023 BMW XM: What’s new? 

The 023 BMW XM is a brand-new SUV that debuted in 2023. It’s already available in showrooms. The 2024 BMW XM Label Red is on the way to take things to the next level with 738 hp. This SUV is assembled in Spartanburg, South Carolina. 

Which 2023 BMW XM trim is best? 

The 2024 BMW Label Red driving down the road
2024 BMW XM Label Red | BMW

The 2023 BMW XM only has one trim level and starts with an MSRP of $159,000. This price doesn’t include the $955 destination fee. The interior is loaded with premium leather, carbon fiber, and alluring tech displays. 

It rides on massive 23-inch wheels with four-wheel steering, adjustable dampers, hill descent control, and an upgraded rear differential. The parking assistant is excellent and accurate, plus you get a stout list of standard safety features. 

Tech includes a color head-up display, four-zone automatic climate control, a hands-free power liftgate, voice control, gesture control, a wireless charging pad, built-in navigation, a 16-speaker Harmon Kardon premium audio system, and much more. 

How does the BMW XM drive? 

Under the hood of the 2023 BMW XM
2023 BMW XM engine | Alliosn Barfield, MotorBiscuit

The 2023 BMW XM packs an electric punch with a 4.4-liter V8 engine that’s paired with an integrated electric motor and battery pack to generate 644 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. It immediately flies off the line and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.4 seconds. 

But the transition between gas and electric power is a bit rough at lower speeds. The BMW XM also weighs 6,063 lbs with noticeable heft around curves. The brakes could be more confident, and the handling is pretty responsive. 

The coil-spring suspension, adaptive dampers, and active anti-roll bars help smooth out larger impacts, but the suspension is easily unsettled. Switching from Sport to Comfort mode helps to provide a more relaxing ride. 

Normally, we would praise the 20.5-foot turning radius, but the BMW XM is very wide and can be difficult to maneuver due to limited visibility. We found ourselves relying on the driver assistance features and automatic parking more than we wanted to. 

How much range does the 2023 BMW XM have? 

The 2023 BMW XM has an EPA-estimated range of 30 miles per charge. It can get up to 46 MPGe while combining gas and electric power. But when that runs out, it only gets 12 mpg in the city and up to 17 mpg on the highway. 

The onboard charger is useful and reportedly can fully recharge the battery in roughly three hours at 7.4 kW. 

How comfortable is the 2023 BMW XM? 

2023 BMW XM with the kidney grille lit up
2023 BMW XM | BMW

The 2023 BMX XM is pretty comfortable but not enough to justify the high starting price. The steel springs and heavy suspension used to support the vehicle’s weight provide a rough ride that smooths out a little at highway speeds. 

Most luxury vehicles offer superior noise-damping materials. The interior of the BMX XM is cluttered with wind and road noise, especially at higher speeds. It may be disappointing if you’re looking for a peaceful, quiet experience. 

The front M Multi-function seats are supportive for all shapes and sizes with tons of adjustment controls. They’re heated, ventilated, and massaged. The driver and front passenger have an abundance of space to enjoy. 

However, the rear seat is referred to as the M Lounge, and I would pick riding back there over having a first-class plane ticket any day. The plush upholstery is soft and welcoming, with suede pillows. 

The backrest sits at a relaxed angle, and the rear window tint blocks out bright sun rays for a dark ambiance that crafts the perfect space for napping. However, with such a high price tag, it’s weird that the back seat isn’t ventilated or massaging. 

Is the 2023 BMX XM interior nice? 

The 2023 BMX XM interior is luxuriously crafted with premium materials such as carbon fiber trim pieces, faux suede liners, and M Merino leather upholstery. Everything is well planned with a geometric design, including blue and red account stitching, XM bagging in the seats, and M Sport stripes on the seatbelt. 

Instead of a panoramic sunroof, you get a three-dimensional headliner that’s illuminated by custom ambient lighting. You can set the LED lights to match different driving modes or your favorite color. 

Different tones of blue, red, and tan leather upholstery draw the eye with unique stitching. Premium leather covers the dash and door panels, and brushed metal trim pisces break up large sections of upholstery. 

The doors open wide for easy access, and the rear hatch has a convenient liftover height. The curved infotainment system is designed to allow drivers to focus on the road. Everything you need is easily within reach. 

However, visibility feels limited from every angle. The bulking hood is broad, the side mirrors are small, and the tiny rear window feels like it’s miles away. The 360-degree camera and self-parking system are extremely helpful. 

How is the BMW XM’s tech? 

The 2023 BMW XM infotainment system
2023 BMW XM tech | BMW

The 2023 BMW XM tech is futuristic and totally customizable. You can adjust every single aspect of the way the BMX XM handles and drives. You can even save two custom driving modes. 

You don’t have to settle for the way the BMW XM is set up if you want to change any menus or styling aspects. But unfortunately, the system isn’t very intuitive and comes with a learning curve. Take advantage of the free BMW class offered by dealers to learn all about the XM. 

The curved display stretches across the dashboard to combine the digital guage cluster and infotainment screen. It features vibrating graphics, and the cameras have an excellent resolution. The color head-up display provides useful driving information as well. 

You get standard wireless Apple Carplay/Android Auto, a Wifi hotspot, a wireless changing pad, built-in navigation, Sirius XM satellite radio, a premium audio system, a 360-degree camera display, and automated parking. 

How much cargo space does the 2023 BMW XM have? 

The 2023 BMW XM cargo hold
2023 BMW XM Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

The 2023 BMW XM is surprisingly spacious, with 18.61 cubic feet of cargo space being the rear seat and up to 64.27 cubes overall. The rear cargo area has enough room for a few carry-on suitcases. 

Storage for smaller items is a bit limited. The center console and glove box are a little tight. A retractable cover hides the cup holders and wireless charging pad. Also, the seat and door pockets are limited but useful. 

The BMX XM does have raised roof rails for rooftop storage. It’s not built for towing. If you have things to haul, then consider the BMW X5, which can tow up to 7,200 lbs.

Is the BMW XM safe? 

The 2023 BMX XM by a charger
2023 BMW XM | BMW

The 2023 BMW XM hasn’t been officially rated been the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) or the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHSTA) yet. But this SUV is intelligent with tons of standard features. 

Standard safety features include: 

  • Adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go
  • Fatigue/focus-alert sensors 
  • Pre-collision protection
  • Lane-keeping assistance 
  • Lane changing assistance 
  • Lane departure warning 
  • Blind-spot warning 
  • Forward collision warning/mitigation 
  • Surround view camera 
  • Parking sensors 
  • Parking assistant 
  • Traffic light recognition 
  • Cross-traffic alert 
  • Automatic high beams

How reliable is the 2023 BMX XM? 

The 2023 BMW XM at a scenic look out
2023 BMW XM | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

The 2023 BMW XM doesn’t have an official reliability rating yet. It’s brand new and needs to be put through the paces. However, the BMW X5 has a reliability score of 82 out of 100 from J.D.Power

That puts it in the above-average category. Scores between 81 and 90 are above average, while scores between 91 and 100 are best. The BMW XM could follow in its tracks. Check back for official ratings. 

MotorBiscuit awards the 2023 BMW XM with an official score of 8.2 out of 10

The experts at MotorBiscuit have awarded the 2023 BMW XM with an official score of 82 out of 10. While the hybrid power is fast and addicting, the BMW XM lacks some luxury refinement that’s to be expected with the price. 

It has a bold design with elegance down to every last detail, but it’s not for everyone. It’s athletic and comfortable, but the interior gets a little loud. The tech is extremely advanced but not very intuitive. 

Every aspect can be customized once you get a handle on the system. Also, the M Lounge is our favorite place to spend time. Cargo space is abundant but personal storage is lacking. And overall, you get a ton of standard features. 

We can’t wait to see how the Red Label edition compares with its extra luxury, red accents, and compelling power.