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Only one other vehicle in the history of the BMW M Division has been exclusive to M. The new 2023 BMW XM marks the second vehicle to carry such prestigious significance from BMW. The first M-exclusive vehicle was the M1 supercar, and now we see the large XM luxury SUV that brings singular qualities found in many M cars.

The concept turned production model is the BMW XM luxury SUV

A new performance-oriented BMW crossover makes its way across the ocean to be a sporty and fun vehicle to drive. The XM slots above the three-row X7 but only had two rows of seats while delivering excellent performance. The concept model showed up in November, giving us an idea of what this new SUV would bring to the drive.

According to Car and Driver, the 2023 BMW XM delivers power for the drive by offering a big plug-in hybrid powertrain that uses a twin-turbocharged V8 engine. This system brings 644 horsepower while also offering 30 miles of electric-only driving. The shape of this luxury SUV offers a sloped roofline with hints of sportiness resembling a fastback shape.

Testing this amazing BMW SUV went extremely well

The 2023 BMW XM Concept is the new performance-oriented luxury SUV from the M Division
2023 BMW XM Concept | BMW

The new 2023 BMW XM coming to our shores will have the horsepower mentioned, but BMW hinted at an even more powerful version for the future. A 750-horsepower figure is a possible number for the future model. When CD tested the XM, they found the powertrain of this big luxury SUV should push this heavy beast to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Only the Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid offer faster sprint times of 3.2 seconds to the same speed.

As expected, the 2023 BMW XM luxury SUV has the right suspension

BMW has built exciting and fun performance luxury vehicles for a long time, and the XM isn’t any different. This SUV offers a coil-spring suspension system and a set of adaptive dampers. You’ll find active anti-roll bars that help give you the ride you want, especially when you set this SUV in Comfort mode. Changing to Sport delivers a responsive and active drive that allows you to confidently handle the twisting curves and turns.

Items that should make it to the production version of the XM

According to Roadshow, the US-spec versions of the 2023 BMW XM will use 22-inch wheels wrapped in summer tires. Consumers can opt for a set of 23-inch wheels if desired. We should also see a stacked set of exhaust pipes and an intuitive xDrive AWD system.

Unlike some hybrid vehicles, the electric motor isn’t attached to only one axle, it’s placed between the engine and transmission on the XM luxury SUV. This means 100% of the power can be sent to the rear axle, making this SUV a true performance vehicle.

This new BMW vehicle brings a perfect 50/50 weight balance to the drive. This allows this large SUV to handle winding roads like a sports car. The brake rotors are massive at 20-inches in size, giving you the absolute control you want whenever you’re out for a drive.

When will the BMW XM start shipping to the United States?

2023 BMW XM Concept SUV
2023 BMW XM Concept SUV | BMW

Motor Authority tells us that some models of the XM were spied at an airport ready to ship out. This wasn’t supposed to be shared, but once leaked it’s made the news and tells us this new SUV is on the way.

How much will the BMW XM cost?

The expected MSRP of the new 2023 BMW XM luxury SUV is $125,000. Considering the performance pedigree it’s bringing to the market, that’s not a bad price for this performance SUV. Will it be the new fun vehicle you drive?


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