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The 2022 Honda Accord is at the top of virtually every best new cars list. The Accord continually earns its stripes by a great driving car, getting stellar fuel economy, and plenty of modern amenities. However, the 2022 Honda Accord is missing one major feature that most of its competitors offer, an all-wheel drive option. Is the front-wheel-drive-only drivetrain a deal-breaker for Honda Accord buyers? 

Red 2022 Honda Accord driving on a curvy road
2022 Honda Accord | Honda

Does the 2022 Honda Accord have all-wheel drive? 

According to U.S. News, the 2022 Honda Accord does not offer AWD. It can only be configured in front-wheel drive. This wouldn’t be all that big of a deal if nearly all of the Accord’s rivals didn’t offer it as an option. For instance, the 2022 Toyota Camry, Kia K5, and Subaru Legacy all offer AWD and are still at a competitive price. 

All-wheel drive is becoming a more common option these days. As many people have noticed, cars are getting more sophisticated and expensive than ever before. While this price increase brings with it cars with more safety features and performance options, it doesn’t change that new and used car prices are getting tough for many Americans to swing. 

Although the 2022 Honda Accord is missing this popular feature, maybe its simplicity will actually help drive sales?. 

How much does a 2022 Honda Accord cost? 

The Honda Accord is actually not one of the cheaper sedans. 2022 Honda Accord prices start at $25,470, which is higher than the average cost of a midsize sedan. But that is just the starting price; when you add all the bells and whistles, the Honda Accord can stretch up to $31,400 for the Touring trim. 

It’s important to note that there is also a hybrid version of the Accord that is sort of its own deal. This configuration stars around $26,000. 

Is the Honda Accord a good car? 

2022 Honda Accord interior.
2022 Honda Accord interior | Honda

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Hell yeah, it is. The Accord is one of THE sedans. Think about it, how many friends did you have in high school that drove a Honda Accord? All of them? Join the club. I can still smell the soiled cloth seats, hear the Sublime through busted speakers, and remember the various “tricks” to get it to fire up. 

Despite the decrepit examples we may remember from our adolescence, the Honda Accord is the car that can’t be stopped. Sure the Civic is smaller, cheaper, and potentially more exciting to drive, but the Accord is constant. 

Is the 2022 Honda Accord worth it? 

U.S. News surely thinks so. The publication gave the 2022 Honda Accord an 8.9/10. This is a strong score. Sure, the Accord may be short an AWD drivetrain and maybe a touch more expensive, but you are paying for the legacy of the Accord. You are paying for the fact that people will regularly forget which car you drive, and no one will ever compliment the ride, but you will have to give your friends a ride when their “cool” cars break down. 

So, is the 2022 Accord worth it even though it doesn’t offer AWD? You be the judge.

(I am only interested if they bust the speakers from the factory and there’s at least one mysterious stain on the seats.)