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Article Highlights:

  • The 2022 Honda Accord doesn’t change much for this year
  • The Accord’s trim levels and pricing
  • Our verdict on the best trim level for the midsized sedan

Honda‘s Accord has been around for the better part of several decades. Moreover, it’s always been in close competition with cars like the well-loved Toyota Camry. That said, it offers much the same levels of comfort, safety, and features as the other Japanese sedan. However, only one is the Goldilocks trim level, the best blend of values and features. Time to sort out which trim level that is.

The 2022 Accord doesn’t get a redesign and it doesn’t need one

A red Honda Accord shot from the front 3/4 on a canyon road
This year’s Accord is a serious competitor | Honda

There’s not much that’s changed with the 2022 Honda Accord as compared to the 2021 model, and that lack of changes also carries over to trim levels. There’s still the standard LX, Hybrid, Sport, Sport SE, EX-L, and Touring trims. That’s a lot, so let’s whittle down the list a little. At around $38,000, the Touring trim is simply too much money, as it places the Accord in fast car territory alongside the likes of the Volkswagen GTI, a far superior vehicle.

Then there’s the EX-L trim. The “L” here stands for, rather obviously, luxury, but it carries the same problem as the Touring trim Accord. $33,000 or so will put you in a Honda Civic Si or our favorite Camry trim, the SE. Now we’re firmly in the Accord’s preferred territory: undercutting a similarly priced Camry. That leaves the Sport, Sport SE, Hybrid, and LX trims.

How much is a 2022 Accord?

A red 2022 Honda Accord shot from the front 3/4 angle at sunset
The 2022 Honda Accord gets no major changes for this year | Honda

Frankly, like the Camry, the base 2022 Honda Accord is, honestly, a little basic. Standard Carplay and Android Auto in the Accord is nice, but for only a few thousand more you can tack on a good number of options. As an honorable mention, a Honda Accord Hybrid is a nice choice for the fuel-conscious, but it’s not our pick. That leaves the two Sport trims, which play nicely to another of the Accord’s strengths: handling.

While it may not be a priority in the minds of most consumers, a nice-driving sedan can help increase ride comfort and add a level of intrigue not found in more basic sedans. Unfortunately for those of the stick-shift persuasion, the six-speed has been removed from the Accord lineup. Of the two Sport trims, the 2022 Honda Accord Sport starts at $27,930 MSRP, and the Sport SE starts around $29,420.

What is the best 2022 Honda Accord trim level?

The cream-colored interior of the 2022 Honda Accord sedan, shot from between the front seats facing forwards
The new Accord is a nice place to be | Honda

However, there’s a critical difference here that leans things in favor of the Sport Accord. While the Sport SE comes with a 1.5L turbo 4-cyl making 192 hp through a CVT transmission, the Sport gets a much healthier option of a 252 hp 2.0L turbo 4-cyl and a 10-speed auto. That’ll run you an extra $4,530 that’s well worth spending. It also makes the Sport the best mix of comfort, luxury, speed, and economy befitting a sedan in this class. The 2022 Honda Accord Sport strikes that balance incredibly well, making it easily the best trim level on offer in the new Accord.


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