The 2021 Land Rover Defender Is on a Cool New Mission

Think your service organization could use a brand new Land Rover SUV? Land Rover is on a mission to give back to the community. Seven winners will receive a custom 2021 Land Rover Defender.

a silver 2021 Land Rover Defender
2021 Land Rover Defender | Land Rover USA

Land Rover USA is providing a platform for non-profits in the U.S. to compete for a 2021 Land Rover Defender built with their specific purpose in mind. Land Rover USA will be accepting video submissions from various non-profits. The winner in each of seven categories will receive a customized 2021 Land Rover Defender tailer to the needs of their respective organization.

The Defender Above and Beyond Service Awards

Seven different categories of service will be allowed to enter for the chance to win. The winner in each category will receive a 2021 Land Rover Defender model to aid the efforts of their non-profit organization. So soon your community could have a special Land Rover Defender 110 on duty.

What are the categories? Who can enter? According to our contact at Land Rover USA, the entries must be for U.S. based non-profits whose service falls into one of the following categories:

1. Search and Rescue
2. Coastal and Marine Conservation
3. Animal Welfare
4. First Responders
5. Environmental
6. Urban Improvement
7. Fire Services

When should a non-profit enter for its service category?

Land Rover USA separated each of the categories into three different entry groups. Right now, entry is open for the Search and Rescue category as well as for Coastal and Marine Conservation. However, this category closes on April 7, 2021. After that, entry for the next two categories will open from May 3 – June 1, 2021. Then the entry phase for the last three categories opens from June 28 – July 27, 2021.

a coastal and marine conservation land rover defender concept on the beach
Coastal and Marine Conservation Land Rover Defender | Land Rover USA

The entry method is through a short video. This video should represent the services the non-profit organization provides to the community. Non-profits can enter themselves, or a member of the community can nominate one by sending in a video for the organization. You might know the perfect non-profit service that could deeply benefit from having its own 2021 Land Rover Defender service SUV.

“Entrants can nominate a non-profit charity or non-profits can nominate themselves here by filling out the entry form and submitting an up to three-minute video that shares what your charity is about, how it addresses a need in your community and how the Land Rover Defender will help to further your effort.”

Land Rover USA

The 2021 Land Rover Defender

The 2021 Land Rover Defender is a new SUV with rugged roots. With a history spanning seven decades, the Defender is one of the most iconic vehicle on the road. With Land Rover’s new launch of this esteemed vehicle, we get a brand new take on an SUV that blends luxury with sheer capability.

In fact, the Defender Above and Beyond Service Awards make so much sense. Due to the fact that this Land Rover SUV has a history of capability, it lends itself well to community service. However, there will only be seven winners for this 2021 Land Rover Defender awards series.

serach and resue land rover defender concept on the edge of a cliff escorted by flying rescue drones
Search and Rescue Land Rover Defender | Land Rover USA

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