2021 Bronco Comes With G.O.A.T. Modes-Say, What?

The 2021 Bronco has been so hyped we’ve stopped reporting on the minuscule bits of info popping up here and there. We’re waiting for the reveal whenever that might be (Maybe June??) Anyway when we saw this we thought it was worth the post. A recent patent filing notes “a complex mating of hardware and software.” What this does is utilize systems tracking outside conditions to adjust suspension settings to those conditions. Things like traffic, weather, physical road surfaces, and changing terrain; things like that. It even monitors the music you’re playing in the Bronco. Ford calls it “G.O.A.T. Modes” for drive systems that automatically control chassis and powertrain functions.

We’re left to ponder what exactly G.O.A.T. Mode is

This information does not indicate what, exactly, the G.O.A.T. stands for. In sports, it is an acronym for “greatest of all time.” Could whatever the application is make whatever has it the greatest of all time? 

2021 Ford Bronco Sport | Bronco Sport Forum-
2021 Ford Bronco Sport | Bronco Sport Forum-

But we know that adjustments can be made to damper settings, anti-roll bars, ride height, rebound, and more. Signals are sent to the ECU by monitors located at different points on suspension components and from onboard cameras and interior monitors. The ECU then computes the aggregate information and sends a signal to different suspension controllers to make minute adjustments to the suspension. 

The monitored modes have some entertaining names

We do know that some of the modes being monitored have names like Entertainment, Music, Mode, Daredevil, and Cradle. We have no idea what specifics are tied to these modes. There are more, however. 

How about Novice Driver Mode? Then there’s Fun-to-Drive Mode, City Mobility, Freight, Traffic, and Utility Modes. We’re sure each one has a distinct adjustment to different settings related to the suspension.

With the filing being so recent it may not be available for a couple of years at least

Ford Bronco R race prototype
Ford Bronco R race prototype | Ford

Ford Authority first saw the filing which is dated March 25. Since it can take years for patents to be approved there is a good chance this won’t be showing up on the initial crop of 2021 Fords. That may preclude it from being applied to the new Bronco. At least in the next couple of years.

Nowhere in the patent filing is Bronco mentioned. But, it is apparent there are off-road-type settings that would not apply to a Mustang or Fusion. With Ford trying to fill in its product lineup for the sedans it has nixed there should be a number of crossovers and SUVs that could benefit from a system like this. It is assumed G.O.A.T. Modes will be available as an extra-cost option for whatever it lands on. 

The all-new Bronco was to be revealed last month

At this point, with the coronavirus lockdown and assembly plants being shut down it is hard to tell when the Bronco may actually arrive. It was to have been revealed in March. Whenever it is shown to the public it will be a welcome diversion from the pandemic crisis. 

Until then we’ll wait for interesting tidbits to show up that gives us more of an idea of the most anticipated vehicle reveal for 2020.