2020 Pickup Truck Awards: Rated and Ranked

If you are shopping 2020 pickup trucks, you may want to know which trucks earned awards from J.D. Power. Here, we’ve brought all the new pickup truck options that received awards for the 2020 model year. Here’s a rundown of all the trucks that this prestigious publication deemed worthy of receiving an award.

a new red Ram 1500 pickup truck driving through some farm land
2020 Ram Truck 1500 | Ram Trucks

Pickup trucks typically need to serve more than one purpose. One reason so many Americans choose pickup trucks year after year is they can take their owners to work every day and then do other stuff too. If you want to take your boat out on the weekends or use your daily driver as a work truck as well, odds are you’ll choose a truck. But buyers want to know that they are choosing a good pickup truck. Here are all the 2020 pickup trucks that earned a J.D. Power award.

J.D. Power awards can help narrow a shoppers search

Only the buyer will know exactly what they are looking for in a new pickup truck. There are quality awards and dependability awards. In addition to these awards, there is also a performance award. J.D Power reviews and rates vehicles based on a long list of variables.

The Ford Ranger is a small but capable pickup truck.
2020 Ford Ranger | Ford

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If you are trying to decide which new pickup truck options to place at the top of your shopping list, checking out the 2020 pickup trucks that J.D. Power has recognized is a great way to start. There are a few trucks that stood out for the folks at J.D. Power. There are a few different brands and types of trucks that earned awards.

Quality and dependability

If you take a look at this year’s page for the J.D. Power pickup truck awards, you won’t see a winner for the most dependable 2020 pickup truck. However, you will see a few winners for quality. Here are the highest quality trucks of the year according to J.D. Power.

A 2020 Toyota Tundra on display at an auto show
A 4WD 2020 Toyota Tundra | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

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First up is the 4WD 2020 Toyota Tundra. It’s classified as a ‘large light duty pickup truck.’ J.D. Power ranked the 4WD 2020 Toyota Tundra highest in its class for reliability and dependability. The 4WD 2020 Toyota Tundra also ranked highest for its resale value.

The 2020 Ford Super Duty F-250 SRW won the quality award for the large heavy duty pickup truck class. Plus, the 2020 Ford Super Duty F-250 SRW also tied for the highest large heavy duty truck rating overall. Another heavy duty truck, the 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD, also earned a scoring of 86. The highest score for quality and dependability also went to the 2020 Ford Super Duty F-250 SRW.

A Ford F-250 Tremor on a jobsite
2020 Ford F-250 | Ford

Another Ford won the award in the midsize pickup truck class. The Ford Ranger earned the J.D. Power award for high quality in the 2020 model year. Now, let’s look at performance.

J.D. Power 2020 performance award

The J.D. Power award for performance goes to three more pickups from three different brands. The large heavy duty pickup truck winner in terms of performance is the 2020 GMC Sierra 2500HD. Then for the large light duty pickup trucks, the 2020 Ram Truck 1500 earned the performance award. The 2020 Ram Truck 1500 gleaned this award with the highest ranking in its class for the road test score.

A Honda Ridgeline towing a small boat near the water
A 2020 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

The midsize pickup truck winner in the performance category is the 2020 Honda Ridgeline. This 2020 pickup truck also earned the highest road test score in its class. It’s a truck that sometimes gets a bad rap due to its unibody construction. However, it impressed the right people at J.D. Powers and took this year’s performance title. All of these 2020 pickup truck options are all winners of awards this year making them more desirable.