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Thanks to its dependable and powerful lineup of cars, Lexus is the preferred luxury automotive brand for the majority of U.S. consumers. The Lexus RX, which usually sells upwards of 100,000 units each year, frequently tops sales charts as the most popular model. However, two other contenders in the Lexus family are quickly catching up, boosting overall Lexus SUV sales.

The Lexus SUV sales for the NX and UX are proving consumer appeal

The latest Lexus SUV sales numbers from GoodCarBadCar indicate that the Lexus NX is 66% more popular than it was in 2022. It managed to move almost 6,000 units in July and has sold nearly 40,000 units so far this year. 

The Lexus UX’s sales are also trending in a positive direction. They’re up by about 18% in terms of year-to-date totals, and approximately 7,700 units have been sold in 2023.

Despite its low monthly sales totals, the full-size Lexus LX’s popularity has risen by about 85%. We’re not surprised to see that the popular Lexus RX is also having another great year, with over 66,000 cars sold so far. The GX is the only model that appears to be struggling, showcasing decreases in both monthly and annual YTD sales. 

What’s so good about the Lexus NX?

The Lexus NX is a small SUV with room for five passengers. Base models are powered by a 203-hp four-cylinder, but the NX also features four other great powertrain options. The NX 350 trim features a turbocharged 275-hp four-cylinder engine with standard all-wheel drive. If you’re looking to save money on fuel, the Lexus NX can also be had in two hybrid flavors. The plug-in hybrid version’s powertrain generates a total of 303 hp, plus grants you up to 37 miles of electric range. 

Even if you just opt for the base setup, your Lexus NX will be packed with quality features for a fair price of $40,805. You can have either blacked-out or two-toned synthetic leather seats, which feature standard heating in the cabin. Wireless smartphone integration is also a given, as well as paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

The Lexus NX’s platform has a low center of gravity, so maneuvering it is a fun experience no matter which model you buy. For performance-minded shoppers, the Lexus NX 350 F Sport Handling model is probably a very appealing option. It includes a turbocharged engine, an adaptive suspension, and rear performance dampers. 

Reasons why you might love the Lexus UX 

While the gas-operated Lexus UX was discontinued for the 2022 model year, the hybrid model is still available. Its electrified setup is only capable of 181 hp, but it earns up to 42 mpg combined city/highway. Even with AWD added, your city mileage should only be around 41 mpg.

Despite being a hybrid, the Lexus UX is slightly less expensive than the NX. Just like its sibling, it has a lot of standard convenience features as well as a capable safety suite. It includes features like lane departure alert with steering assist, a pre-collision warning system, radar-enabled cruise control, and road sign recognition.

Still, we can think of a few reasons why the Lexus NX is currently more popular. The Lexus UX Hybrid has no turbocharged engine options, though the F Sport Handling trim features a sportier suspension. The Lexus UX Hybrid’s cargo hold also isn’t very big at 17 cubic ft. In previous model years, critics have also complained about this car’s noisy engine.

Despite its flaws, the Lexus UX Hybrid’s increased sales numbers probably stem from its low price and high fuel economy rating. Likewise, the entire Lexus NX range is very affordable by luxury standards. Lexus cars are also well-rounded in terms of performance, which is why the brand is so good at attracting new buyers each year. It’s definitely no surprise why Lexus SUV sales are on the rise.


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