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The camper van market might feel oversaturated at times unless you’re one of the brave souls who would prefer a 1992 Mitsubishi Delica StarWagon. These vintage JDM 4×4 vans are simply one of the coolest things on four wheels, and they also happen to be great candidates for camper van conversions. More people have caught wind of these compact campers, and as a result, they are getting harder to find. Well, if you’ve been looking for a Mitsubishi Delica, this one’s for sale. 

Is the Mitsubishi Delica a good camper van? 

The Mitsubishi Delica StarWagon is a 4×4 microvan that was made for the Japanese market. More of these killer right-hand-drive camper vans are making their way over to the states as JDM cars and trucks grow in popularity. Not only is JDM love growing, so, of course, is the love of camper vans and RVs of all kinds. 

To get a newish 4×4 camper van these days, one has to spend a small fortune. These Delica vans not only came from the factory with 4WD but also have factory brush guards and auxiliary lights. Unlike so many other conversion camper vans, these were made by Mitsubishi to get into the woods.

What is this vintage JDM van all about? 

According to Expedition Portal, this 1992 Mitsubishi Delica StarWagon 4×4 is powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine which is not so common on this side of the world. This torquey little four-cylinder is the perfect engine for long overlanding trips that require both decent fuel economy and enough torque to climb some hills and rocks. 

The Delica was meant for camping from the jump with its modular sleeping platform/gear storage found in the rear of the mini bus. However, the factory setup isn’t the most useful, especially considering all the space-saving vanlife products today. For this reason, many people choose to customize the Delica to be a bit more practical. 

Even if it’s a touch outdated, the bones are strong. The entire sleeping platform breaks down so that larger gear like mountain bikes or smaller kayaks can fit inside the cabin. 

Does a Mitsubishi Delica need modifications to be a true overlander

This 1992 Mitsubishi Delica parked in front of a So Cal Moutnain range is a vintage JDM camper van for the ages.
1992 Mitsubishi Delica StarWagon 4×4 | TheRedWonder

So much of the overlanding culture is about making changes to a vehicle to fit one’s specific needs. There is also the underlying pride in one’s overlander being unique to them. That being said, although the Mitsubishi Delica doesn’t need all that much to be overland ready, modifications are often done to make it just right for whoever owns it. 

This one has had a few things done by the current owners. The factory engine has about 115,000 miles and is paired with an automatic four-speed transmission that is fairly uncommon for these camper vans. 

Underneath is the star of the show, a 4WD drivetrain with a high/low transfer case and auto-locking hubs. This is the key feature that marks the van as such a strong overlanding camper van. The Delica sports Ohlins shocks up front and factory shocks out back. 

General maintenance, upkeep, and other additions include new silver Line-X coating on the roof, interior Dynamat noise reduction, a DelicaWorks oversized radiator, a Pioneer AppRadio 3 head unit for wireless android auto and Apple CarPlay, and Russian birch wood floors, and a modular custom sleeping platform with built-in 6×9-inch speakers. 

The Mitsubishi Delica won’t stay obscure for much longer

Mitsubishi Delicas are so cool that they can be hard to look at. The period graphics down the sides, the amber lights, the silly-huge bullbar, and the overall dimensions force any bystander to smile when they see one. Everything about these vintage JDM vans drips with style and flair. For $21,000, it would be nearly impossible to find another camper van in this good of shape with 4WD, a strong diesel engine, and this much style. Hell, I’d argue it’d be damn-near impossible to find some with that much style for any amount of money. 

The Mitsubishi Delica StarWagon 4×4 is an endearing little camper van that practically begs its owners for more adventure – and very stylish photo shoots. View Photos here.


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