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It’s one of the screen cars that deserves its own mention in the credits: the black 1967 Chevy Impala from the hit series “Supernatural.” Between 2005 and 2020, the long-body sedan played its role in demon hunting and the personal lives of the Sam and Dean Winchester brothers. So, what’s with the striking V8-powered Chevrolet muscle sedan? 

What is Dean Winchester’s car?

The crew and car of Supernatural, including Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, pose for a picture with a mock-up of a 1967 Chevy Impala.
Actor Mark Sheppard, Producer/Writer Jeremy Carver, President of The CW Television Network Mark Pedowitz, Actor Jared Padalecki, Actor Jensen Ackles, Executive Producer Robert Singer and Actor Misha Collins with an Impala fascia mock up | Andrew Chin, Getty Images

Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles’ character in “Supernatural,” drives a black, four-door 1967 Chevrolet Impala. “Baby,” as Dean calls it, is a fitting automotive companion for Dean and his brother, Sam, as they hunt hellacious creatures and the forces of evil. 

Better yet, the Impala is less of an inanimate tool and more of a counterpart, complete with emotional attachment. Fans will recall scenes of Dean Winchester attempting to start the four-door Chevy, all the while talking to it with encouragement like “c’mon, c’mon.” If you’ve ever daily driven a classic car, it’s a feeling you’re probably all too familiar with. 

However, Baby’s role isn’t just a familiar set of wheels and a sinister on-screen aesthetic; the 1967 Chevy Impala is a monster hunter like the brothers. In the show, the Impala has a false bottom trunk concealing a myriad of weapons. Furthermore, the trunk lid conceals a “devil’s trap,” a graphic that ensnares demons. 

How many ‘67 Impalas were in ‘Supernatural?’

Warner Brothers (WB), the production company that produced “Supernatural,” fielded nine cars for the show. However, the Impala wasn’t the first car that Dean Winchester drove in early development. Instead, the first script drafts included a 1965 Ford Mustang. However, Eric Kripke, the writer behind the show, opted for an Impala instead.  

Still, the Impala isn’t the only noteworthy set of wheels in the “Supernatural” universe; automotive guests include a 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator, a 1967 Ford Mustang, and a 1962 Mercury Monterey. Of course, Baby seems like a more appropriate ride for the Winchesters than a classic Ford Mustang.

Moreover, the Impalas existed in different layouts for shooting purposes; WB modified a few to create unobstructed camera angles. Furthermore, according to The News Wheel, fans have their nickname for the noir Impala: “Metallicar.” It’s a fitting moniker for the Chevy sedan and its dark aesthetic.

How many Impalas did ‘Supernatural’ destroy?


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Coincidentally, Warner Brothers fielded nine 1967 Chevy Impalas in Supernatural, and the show’s storyline destroyed the car nine times. Between crashes and ghostly possessions, the Impala has had a rough go of it. You read that right; in a season 6 episode, the Impala is the victim of possession. 

Why is it so hard to find a 1967 Chevy Impala?

Considering Chevrolet produced around 575,600 Impala models for the 1967 model year, the Impala isn’t hard to find. In fact, Hagerty says that an L36 1967 Chevy Impala four-door sedan has a fair value of around $10,700 in “good” condition. It’s a far more accessible classic than a comparable 1967 Chevelle SS 396.

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