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YouTube has something for everyone including car enthusiasts with a thing for weird car news. There’s a wide variety of car channels. You can find everything from consumer-oriented videos like those of Doug DeMuro and Scotty Kilmer to educational videos from Car and Driver and Jay Leno. There are also channels that feature stunts like Street Speed 717’s video of a Lamborghini jumping over another Lamborghini, motorcycle stunts, and more. One YouTuber even used a dirt bike.

While trying to pull off a stunt in a vehicle to get YouTube views sounds like a good idea at the time, there are some things you should consider before attempting to be Evel Knievel. It’s important to know any and all applicable laws and to be well-versed in safety.

A person performing a jump on a dirt bike in protective gear on a dirt track outdoors.
Person on a dirt bike | Getty Images

Jumping over a Lamborghini in a Lamborghini

Consider the case of YouTuber Michael Hyssong. According to Fox News, he decided to jump in a brand new Ram 1500 TRX in January 2021. The attempt to jump across a Pennsylvania stream was slightly too high. The end result was that he landed hard and wrecked his new pickup. 

The good news? Hyssong got around two million views. The bad news? He was charged with 18 misdemeanor charges for alleged violation of Pennsylvania environmental rules. 

For his next stunt, Hyssong decided to jump his fiancee’s Lamborghini Urus, valued at over $200,000, and his own Lamborghini Aventador, valued at more than $420,000. Both cars were in the brand’s signature Giallo Auge yellow paint. He devised two dirt ramps in the middle of a Pennsylvania field and did a test run with the Aventador tightly between them.

When he went to perform the stunt, Hyssong pulled it off. He cleared the Aventador by a foot and managed to land without a problem. That’s a very good thing when you consider there was over $600,000 worth of vehicles involved.

Riding a dirt bike through a supermarket

According to Times-Union, another YouTuber ran into legal issues for performing a stunt. Traitin Knight has a popular YouTube channel where he shows off his dirt bike skills and offers advice on the bikes and other all-terrain vehicles. Earlier this month, he pled guilty to misdemeanor reckless driving and operating an off-road vehicle in downtown Schenectady which is prohibited by city code.

According to court documents, he disregarded red lights and stop signs as he rode his bike the wrong way down a one-way street last June. He also drove on sidewalks with pedestrians present to try and evade authorities. For the incident, he was charged with misdemeanor unlawful fleeing police along with a long list of motor vehicle and traffic infractions.

Knight was already on probation for another incident in 2018. That year, Knight decided to ride his dirt bike on an ill-advised ride through a Price Chopper supermarket. During that incident, Knight had strapped a GoPro camera to his helmet to film the ambitious ride through the supermarket in Schenectady where he even popped a wheelie. Later, he posted video footage of the stunt on social media. 

Dirt bike safety tips

While riding a dirt bike can be a thrilling experience, it’s important to know a few safety measures to keep yourself from serious injury. 

The right attire is vital. A helmet that fits properly with a DOT-compliance sign is essential to protect your head. If it doesn’t have a visor, wear goggles to keep your eyes safe from flying debris. Clothing should be long, breathable, and light for both comfort and body temperature regulation. Boots are also advised over open shoes.

It’s not recommended to ride a dirt bike while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, prescription and otherwise. Also, ride during the day because visibility is better and most dirt bikes aren’t equipped with lighting features.

Only ride dirt bikes on trails designated for their use and within the safe speed parameters. Also, don’t ride on paved roads. They’re called dirt bikes for a reason. 


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