5 Dirt Bike Safety Tips That Will Keep You Out Of the Hospital

Dirt bike riding is exhilarating but also dangerous. So, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety before you start playing. Reckless riding could easily land you in a hospital or worse, regardless of whether you are a pro or beginner. You need to take keen safety measures before you hop on your bike. Here are five dirt bike safety tips to keep you out of the hospital.

Riders on a dirt bike in safety gear on a track
Riders on a dirt bike | Getty Images

1) Proper Attire is crucial to dirt bike safety

Wearing proper riding attire is incredibly important. You should dress for the crash, not the ride. Don’t put on shorts, loose clothes, or flip-flops. In the case of an accident, you might face serious injuries.

Choose long, lightweight, and breathable materials that offer both comfort and safety during hot periods. Also, wear boots rather than open shoes while riding.

You should wear proper attire from head to toe. A properly fitting helmet with a DOT-compliance sign to protect your head. If your helmet does not have a visor, you should buy goggles to protect your eyes from any springing debris.

2) Don’t Ride Under The Influence

Some riders operate dirt bikes while high on drugs or alcohol, despite knowing it’s potentially fatal. Alcohol is a factor in more than half of dirt bike accidents. As with operating any other machine, riding a dirt bike requires you to be sober and sharp to make split-second decisions. Riding under the influence of alcohol and drugs triples the risk of causing an accident.

3) Use Your Dirt Bike During The Day

Most dirt bikes do not have proper lighting features to help you ride at night. Riding during the nighttime with these bikes makes it challenging to see contours. But if you want to ride during the summer night, you need to ensure your safety before you hop on the bike. 

You should invest in proper helmet lights, headlights, a clear goggle lens, first aid kits, and a communication device that doesn’t rely on satellites. Communication is essential, especially so you can call for help if you end up in an accident. 

4) Only Ride On Designated Trails at a Safe Speed for dirt bike safety

It’s important to know your limits and how to maintain control of your bike. Only ride on terrain that you are familiar and comfortable with. If you want to try out a new route, make sure to inspect it first before you start riding at speed.

If you’re just starting, you can ride on designated terrain with a few bumps. Terrains with steep falls and still water would be dangerous for a beginner.

If you enjoy riding in a more difficult terrain as a rider your first step is to ensure you’re properly trained for it. Traveling with a group of trained riders to assist in case you need help is always wise. Another great tip is to ensure the weather is right and maintain a safe speed on all off-road rides.

5) Don’t Ride Your Bike on Paved Surfaces

Most dirt bikes lack proper safety features and lighting, making them unfit for paved road use. Therefore, it’s best to keep your bike off the road. Dirt bike riding on the pavement may be too risky, since most drivers may not identify dirt bike riders. You may end up getting knocked down.

Fun is great, being safe is essential

Fun and safety should go hand in hand. Take the necessary safety measures seriously and ensure you buy the right gear to perform at your peak. If you have no official training, ensure you get the proper training to remain safe and have fun. If you take these safety measures keenly, you’ll be riding your dirt bike for a long time without ever visiting the hospital.

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