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How far will technology take us into the future of cars? The next big thing you could find inside your new vehicle is one of the weirdest things we’ve seen yet. As trends continue to change, we’re used to seeing massive infotainment screens taking up most of the front dashboard of every modern vehicle. However, that’s all about to change. Your next car’s screens might disappear without a trace, according to KBB.

A screen that disappears is coming to your car soon

Continental AG ShyTech Display would make your next car's screen disappear when not in use.
ShyTech Display disappearing screen | Continental AG

According to KBB, a German automotive supplier, Continental AG, is pitching the idea to automakers. As the driver pulls into their destination, a voice says, “you have arrived at your destination,” then the directions displayed on the screen vanish, leaving nothing but wood or leather across the dash. Continental wants that to happen in the future, and KBB says automakers tend to listen to the German company.

Continental AG has made everything from tires to emergency braking systems in the past. Now, they’re pitching something called the ShyTech Display. The basic idea is that it’s a screen that disappears when the driver or passengers aren’t using it. This is the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t like the look of a gigantic screen taking over their car’s interior.

How would the ShyTech Display vanishing screen work?

Continental AG ShyTech Display would make your next car's screen disappear when not in use.
ShyTech Display disappearing screen | Continental AG

The ShyTech Display is a backlit screen hidden behind a decorative layer designed to look and feel like wood, carbon fiber, or leather inside the vehicle. Moreover, it’s a big, trendy infotainment screen disguised like a sleek, luxurious front dashboard. Once needed to use features, the matrix backlight turns the surface into a screen again.

As of 2022, no automaker has put anything like this into a vehicle. However, the growing trend right now is infotainment systems. Automakers are trying to be the first to implement new infotainment features constantly, most recently the massive screen sizes started by Tesla. The problem is that many people dislike having what is basically a large tablet mounted on the dashboard. Additionally, a lack of physical controls can be confusing for some people.

Your next car’s screens might disappear, but for now, they’re enormous.


What Is An Infotainment System?

Continental AG’s new innovation comes to combat a significant industry trend. Furthermore, even the cheapest models now have multiple screens for infotainment and the driver’s instrument display. Luxury brands are even implementing as many as five or six inside the vehicle, each serving a different purpose. However, many are placing one massive display in the center of the dashboard, and it controls everything in the car.

KBB used the example of a Mercedes-Benz screen that replaces the entire dashboard. You read that correctly; the dashboard as the whole becomes a giant display. We’re sure it won’t be the last automaker to cascade a screen across the entire car. Although, it’s the perfect setup to use the ShyTech Display technology. Imagine a complete dashboard made of a single screen, but when not in use, it all disappears.

When will disappearing screens be available?

As of right now, the technology is still in the pitching stages of development. Until Continental AG has permission to put its innovation inside an automaker’s car, it won’t develop the product further. However, with how competitive infotainment and screens have become between automakers, we wouldn’t be surprised to see someone jump into the ShyTech Display soon. Since Continental is German, we’re picturing an expensive European luxury model with this technology, maybe from Mercedes-Benz or BMW. It may not be for a while, but your next car’s screens might disappear.