Mercedes’ 4.7-Foot Hyperscreen Will Blow Your Mind and Massage Your Body

Infotainment systems have become a valuable interactive hub for drivers. Automakers are in a fast-paced race to provide the latest and greatest technology in new vehicles. Mercedes-Benz pulls ahead of the competition in 2021 with the introduction of its MBUX Hyperscreen. Measuring an astonishing 56-inches, it spans the entire length of the dash, offering never-before-seen features that are sure to impress.

Not only is the system enormous in comparison to other displays in its class, but Mercedes-Benz has managed to create a user experience like no other.

The newly revealed Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen

The Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen blows away the competition by perfecting the fusion of analog information and digital design. The German automaker refers to it as “both the brain and nervous system of the car.”

The intuitive command center provides the driver with innovative features that include connectivity, entertainment, phone, navigation, and energy management. The futuristic design takes up 377 square inches of space and is covered by high-tech Gorilla Glass for an out of this world feel. The integrated air vents on each end accent the sleek and unusual design.

The innovative infotainment system also has supercomputing power with eight CPU cores that provide 24GB of RAM and 46.6 GB/s of memory bandwidth. The user interface uses a zero layer concept to put essential information upfront and easy to use. The need to scroll through countless menus is gone, replaced by artificial intelligence. The habits and preferences of the occupants are monitored to create a user-friendly environment.

The new 2021 model that will boast the cutting-edge technology

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Just when you thought you didn’t need any more screen time, Mercedes-Benz changed the game with the incredible MBUX Hyperscreen.

The innovative unit consists of three customizable screens. The driver has access to a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster for personalized driving settings and trip information. The second central display screen measures an enormous 17.7-inches and is the command center of the luxury vehicle. The third screen is 12.3-inches and designated for the front passenger.

The MBUX uses organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology to allow for high-resolution graphics on the displays. A new blue and orange color scheme on the screens complements the circular driver instruments that are now digital.

The high-tech MBUX Hyperscreen will be an optional feature in 2021 on the Mercedes EQS all-electric sedan, scheduled to debut this Spring.

The easily accessible massage feature

The Interior Assist function memorizes the driver’s body language and eye direction, as well as passenger habits, to create a personalized driving experience. The MBUX Hyperscreen responds to voice commands and is continually optimizing its settings based on user habits and environmental surroundings, according to Car and Driver.

The front-seat passenger screen allows for up to seven customized profiles. When the seat is not occupied, the display converts to what Mercedes calls a “digital decorative part,” consisting of animated stars.

The fluid proactive user interface, powered by artificial intelligence, is a convenient way to provide fewer distractions for the vehicle’s occupants. Phone, audio presets, and navigational settings are brought to the forefront for easy access.

Mercedes-Benz chief technology officer, Sajjad Khan, says the MBUX “delivers a tailored, personalized infotainment and operating offering without the occupant needing to click or scroll anywhere,” according to Autoweek.

When a driver or passenger is feeling stressed, there is even an active massage feature built right into the home screen. If a driver enjoys a hot-stone massage, not only will the MBUX automatically program the seat, but it will remember the setting and suggest it when a user is experiencing colder temperatures.

Khan suggested that the MBUX Hyperscreen will also be available in future models of its upcoming electric vehicle line. He said, “the software is going to continue to get more advanced and the Hyperscreen will continue to have more and more functionality.”