You Should Make This Scenic Florida Drive At Least Once

As the Shelter In Place orders begin to lift all over the country, the state of Florida has opened up many shops, restaurants, and businesses. People are finally beginning to leave their homes to stretch their legs, and chances are you’re looking for the opportunity to head out and enjoy some nice weather There is one classic American summer activity on many bucket lists this year, and it’s a road trip. The Florida sun is out, and there is one scenic drive you should make at least once because, for this trip, the journey is just as beautiful as the destination. Have you guessed it yet? It’s the drive through the Florida Keys.

What you should expect

The journey to the Florida Keys is your standard route through Miami, but once you’ve left the mainland you’ve reached a scenic paradise. For just a few hours, you get to drive the Florida Keys Overseas Highway which stretches 113 miles from Key West to the mainland, just south of Miami. 

Key West is a few hours of a drive from the mainland, but it is well worth the trip just to drive, and Key West isn’t the only place worth stopping. The Florida Keys are made up of hundreds of individual islands, each with their own culture and things to do.

MARATHON FL – MARCH 25: The Sunset Grille and Pier on the left | Paul Harris/Getty Images

The drive through these small island towns is unlike anything most people ever experience. Some of the areas are very touristy, with gift shops and resorts, and some are homier and quiet.

Driving further into the Keys you get to cross the infamous Seven Mile Bridge, a bridge that runs completely over water connecting Knights Key and Duck Key. On both sides of the bridge is crystal clear water, and it is a stunning sight both during the day and at night. Because the Keys are so far from the mainland and other major cities, the light pollution is minimal, meaning the night shows a beautiful starry sky, while the day is just as blue and clear as the warm ocean waters that surround you.

You can enjoy it no matter what

Unlike some road trips, this one can be enjoyed regardless of what car you are driving – well, as long as you can be comfortable in it for several hours. Most of the roads through the Keys only have two lanes, and it seems like no matter when you go you will get stuck in traffic or construction. There are no hills to drive or sharp turns that you can only appreciate in a sportier car, making it ideal for family trips in larger vehicles.

An aerial view from a drone shows part of the Seven Mile bridge running over the Strait of Florida Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Relaxing Road Trips You Can Take Without Leaving Your Home

Make the trip at night and it will feel like you are driving through a planetarium of stars. It is ideal for star-gazers and children alike, and big-city livers will enjoy the uninterrupted night sky.

You can stop anywhere along the Florida Keys and enjoy the view. It is an experience unlike anything you’ve had before, and the Seven Mile Bridge is enough to make anyone smile. Roll your windows down, inhale the salty air, and enjoy.