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Every now and then, the internet turns up a gem. Today, we found a Porsche 718 Boxster listing on CARMAX and it is…something. The car in question is a 2021 Porsche 718 Boxster GTS, and we’re fairly confident this is what Santa drove when he wasn’t flying around the world in his sleigh. Now though, Mr. Claus is moving on to a new ride, and you can have his Porsche for just $80,000.

This green over red Porsche Boxster is certainly a car

It’s no secret that design is subjective. For instance, I’d never own a bright red car, but millions of people seek out that look on purpose. Still, the combination of green paint with a red convertible top and red leather interior is…a choice.

Specifically, Santa’s alternative sleigh is a 718 Boxster in Porsche Paint-to-Sample Python Green, which features Satin Aurum 20-inch sport wheels and a burgundy red soft top. Meanwhile, the interior is Porsche’s Bordeaux Red leather single-tone. Both the upper and lower dash, steering wheel, seats, and door cards all wear the same color. Finally, the analog gauges and Sport Chrono dial are Racing Yellow, and the seat backs look like the same brushed gold as the wheels.

It’s not all bad, however. Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick also chose the premium Burmester Audio system. So at least, his favorite Christmas songs will always come through in complete detail. Plus, the 4.0-liter flat-six makes some of the best mechanical music on its way to chucking out 394 horsepower through the rear wheels. No reindeer required.

The ugliest Porsche Boxster ever made?

Green and red aren’t colors that look great together under most conditions. Unless it’s the holidays, not many are slamming these two colors together. That Python Green is the basis for this particular Porsche 718 makes it the ugliest Porsche Boxster of all time. Sorry, Santa, but this sleigh is ghastly.

However, it is a highlight of Porsche’s whimsy that it will let its owners option whatever wild combination they can concoct. Contrast that to Ferrari, who will sue its own customers, refuses to allow a pink car to leave the factory, and sells cars that the owners aren’t even allowed to drive.

Porsche customization is unmatched

In that sense, Porsche’s Paint-to-Sample and Exclusiv Manufactur programs are a welcome sight. Everyone should be free to make their cars their own, especially when the price tag sits well into six figures. Still, this particular Porsche Boxster is hard to look at, and I can’t decide if it’s simply horrifying or if it swings back around into ‘so bad it’s good’ territory.

Unfortunately, I can’t attach the photos here, but you can check out the CARMAX listing and decide for yourself. And comment below how you’d option your custom Porsche!

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