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The Porsche Paint to Sample program allows owners to paint cars in any color. There is a list of colors available, but Porsche can also paint your car in any color you would like. You simply send in a sample of your desired color and go from there. If you are already getting a 911 GT3, you may as well stand out.

Standard, metallic, and special color Porsche paint

A bright green Porsche Macan on the assembly line
A green Porsche Macan in the paint shop | Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images

DuPont Registry has a list of some of the more interesting colors you can choose for 2021. As if a Porsche didn’t stand out enough, you can now paint your car a wildly bright color.

But if that isn’t your style, Porsche offers a ton of colors from the factory. Carrara white metallic, jet black metallic, Biscay blue metallic, and moonlight blue metallic.

Some other special colors include chalk white, lava orange, and cashmere beige metallic. Carmine red, Miami blue, and lizard green are also popular for 911s.

When purchasing your new Porsche, you can specify which colors you want for the interior and exterior. If you want a paint to sample color, they will send you a small Porsche mockup with the color painted on it.

If you want a comprehensive database of the colors, check out the Porsche Club of America’s database, Rennbow. It shows you the sample color, the background info on the color, and offers the proper color codes. It even has photos of the color on real cars.

Arrow blue, voodoo blue, cobalt blue metallic

Check out the blue in the tweet above. The 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 is an extremely popular car with buyers. This one only has 1,700 miles and was listed between $200,000 and $230,000 for the auction price.

This 911 was paint-to-sample non-metallic arrow blue. It is interesting to note that it is called non-metallic because the metallic version would likely look very different on the same car.

In this listing on Dupont Registry, the 2021 Porsche Macan GTS was painted voodoo blue. A very, very bright blue that almost looks fluorescent. The interior color is pebble grey all over.

Blue seems to be a pretty popular paint to sample color, but you can choose whatever color you want for the outside.

What if I want a BMW color?

BMW has a similar program called the individual program. You can view all of the color options on the list: fire orange, mint green, java green. If you wanted, you could slap a BMW color on your Porsche.

Additionally, you can pick the interior colors of your new Porsche. Though you don’t have as many options, you can pick from a variety of interior colors.

Some of the standard interior colors are black, slate grey, and black/Mojave beige. Leather is offered in black and slate grey. Black is also offered in combination with Bordeaux red and Mojave beige. Graphite blue can be combined with chalk.

Finally, the club leather interior with full leather seats comes in truffle brown or truffle brown/Cohiba brown. Some of these color combinations won’t look great together, but some of them will be one-of-a-kind.


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