Will Tesla Sell a Used Car with Open Recalls?

Buying a used car can be exciting and daunting at the same time. On the one hand, you are saving money for a car that might not be as comfortable to afford brand new. On the other hand, you can only guess how well the vehicle was treated by the previous owner and if it was maintained as it should be. The last thing anyone wants to do is buy a used car just to find out that it’s a total lemon or to buy a car with a ton of problems that can surface. Some people may avoid cars with a history of issues or even open recalls, but Tesla doesn’t seem too concerned.

Tesla inspects used vehicles

If you want to buy a used Tesla, there is no better place to look than the manufacturer themselves. After all, who is better to complete a full inspection of a car inside and out than the company that created it in the first place? When a used car is sold through Tesla, it must pass multiple points of inspection, and if there are any problems with the vehicle, the manufacturer will either fix them or make a note of it when selling.

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Open recalls

Tesla will sell a used model even if it has an open recall, as they have stated on their website openly. The manufacturer mentions that it is the responsibility of the owner to have these services completed if and when they are necessary, but, like all other recalls, these services are still done at the cost of the manufacturer and not the owner. Some Tesla vehicles do have active recalls, and if you are worried that your vehicle or one that you are interested in buying has an active recall, checking it is as easy as going to the Tesla recall portal or the NHTSA safety app.

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Buying an EV with a recall isn’t that concerning

As newer vehicles in the automotive market, some consumers are already apprehensive about taking the plunge into purchasing an electric car. Add the word ‘recall’ onto that, and some buyers might be intimidated enough to pass. Just like standard gasoline-powered cars, recalls are handled by the manufacturer and don’t cost owners anything except a bit of time.

Side view of a red Tesla model 3
Side view of a red Tesla Model 3 electric car from Tesla Motors under a dramatic sky | Smith Collection/Gado, Getty Images

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Buying a used Tesla can mean a bit of saving over buying one brand new, and if all it needs is a bit of recall work at the cost of the manufacturer, there is no genuine reason to skip over the opportunity. In fact, buying a used Tesla can be a great way for many families to afford a cool newer electric vehicle, even if it isn’t brand new.