Will Ford Truck Sales Continue to Dominate RAM?

Ford has long been the industry leader in truck sales. The F-Series trucks are still the most sold trucks of all time. But, in 2019, the competition starting heating up big time. It was huge when RAM sales overtook Chevrolet, hot on Ford’s heels. Truck sales were already set to be exciting for 2020. Now, due to the market disruption and supply chain issues cause by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, 2020 truck sales are looking even more unpredictable. Will Ford truck sales continue to dominate RAM?


Last year, Ford trucks dominated Car and Driver’s list of the 25 best-selling vehicles in America for 2019. But 2020 is already shaping up to prove that Ford won’t always be on top. In fact, according to Car and Driver, truck sales have remained strong enough to “cushion the blow” the sad sales the auto industry took March.

2019 pickup truck sales

In 2019, RAM trucks surged past Chevrolet. RAM held third place in truck sales for years, but in 2019 we saw an unexpected upset. Car and Driver reported that auto sales have seen a 27% decline due to the economic shut down we’ve experienced in the US.

Last year Ford sold 896,526 trucks. Chevrolet truck sales were at 575,600, and Ram trucks historically overtook Chevy’s sales. The total truck sales for Ram trucks in 2019 were numbered 633,694. This is huge for Ram, and it hasn’t stopped in 2020 either. Though numbers did slow, Ram is still showing numbers that could turn into end of year dominance for 2020.

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It’s important to keep in mind that these numbers represent sales for both light and heavy duty trucks. Additionally, if you factor in GMC truck sales into Chevrolet sales under the GM blanket then the total for their trucks is still in second. Adding in 232,323 units sold for GMC trucks takes the GM total to 807,923.

What drove RAM truck sales in 2019?

The awesome new RAM 1500 pickup truck made it onto the Car and Driver 10 Best list for 2020. The new RAM pickups pleased consumers in 2019, too. The full RAM lineup has experienced a massive redesign. Even the larger heavy-duty trucks have been upgraded. Due to this revamp and some major marketing, 2019 RAM truck sales jump up 18 percent. It’s going to be interesting to see where these numbers go for the rest of the year.

Will 2020 RAM pickup sales dominate Ford?

In 2020’s first quarter, Ford saw a 13% decrease in sales compared to the previous year. GM and Ram push ahead. If you combine Chevy and GMC truck sales under the GM blanket yet again, you see that GM truck sales have surpassed both Ford and RAM in a historic truck sales upset. But will RAM overtake Ford in 2020?

RAM trucks announced 128,805 units sold for the first quarter, while Ford trucks saw 186,562 units sold. Ford’s numbers still leave RAM truck sales in the dust. However, while Ford sees a decrease in sales compared to last year, RAM is celebrating an increase from last year by over 7%. There’s no telling where the rest of this years sales will leave pickup truck sales figures.

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