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There are many reasons a car owner may need to call the police. It could be because someone has stolen their vehicle, they’ve been involved in a wreck, or they may have even locked themselves out. In a weird car news story, an Arizona resident had to call the police about a wild animal breaking into his car for a quick snack before driving away with the vehicle.

A row of Subaru vehicles with a Subaru sign.
Subaru dealer | Getty Images

Welcome to the great outdoors in a Subaru

Subaru has based its reputation on two factors: being a company that designs vehicles with animal passengers, especially dogs, in mind and going off-road, thanks to Subaru’s standard AWD.

While there are certainly vehicles in the Subaru lineup like the Impreza, which isn’t geared specifically toward the off-roading community, most of the Japanese automaker’s vehicles are.

From the unforgettable Outback to the Crosstrek, these SUVs are meant to hit high trails, snow piles, and desert paths. They may not perform as well off-road as a Jeep Wrangler, but then again, you can actually drive down the highway without feeling like your eardrums will burst out.

Many car enthusiasts remain loyal to Subaru and remain loyal to the brand. As it turns out, some animals like going off-road in a Subaru as well.

Cheetos are meant to be shared in a Subaru

What do you do when your Cheetos have been stolen? If you live in Arizona, you call the police, especially if wild javelina is involved.

AP News reports that a Cornville, Arizona, a resident discovered his Subaru station wagon was missing and found it across the road. When the owner located the vehicle, they realized there was a javelina inside. This is a pig-like animal that prefers the warm climates of the desert.

The javelina in question also appears to prefer Cheetos and climbed in through the hatchback, which was allegedly left open overnight. Once inside, the javelina became trapped when the hatchback closed, but it wasn’t so bad as the creature snacked on Cheetos.

However, things took a turn for the worse once the bag of Cheetos was empty. The javelina wanted out but couldn’t figure out how to do so. That’s when it began to tear up the dashboard, chewed a chunk out of the door, and somehow managed to knock the gears into neutral. 

The Subaru then rolled out of the driveway, across the street, and finally came to rest there. The Subaru owner and other residents in the neighborhood called the police, and a deputy came out to release the javelina.

How do you prevent wild animals from getting in your car?

As humorous as this story may seem, it’s not so amusing when it happens to you. So how exactly do you keep animals out of your car in this day and age when wires are built out of food sources critters like to snack on?

According to Utah State University, there are a few steps you can take. Parking away from food sources such as garbage and keeping your car clean are simple steps you can take. You can also park inside the garage if that option is available.

Other tips include closing off small entrances to your engine with wire mesh. Placing traps in and around your vehicle is a great way to catch the rodents trying to make your car their new home.

While opening the hood might work if it’s your own animal, like an outdoor cat, this is not a good idea if there is a wild animal inside. They may either crawl deeper into your vehicle or attack you. If all else fails, talk to a pest control company to find more tips to keep your local rodent population out of your engine.