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The Governor William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge, affectionately known as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, was built in 1952. No doubt, its construction showcases some remarkable engineering prowess. The bridge spans 4.3 miles across the scenic Chesapeake Bay. It serves as a vital artery connecting Sandy Point to Stevensville and facilitating the movement of goods, commuters, and tourists. What’s more, to many drivers, it’s known as the scariest bridge in the country – or even the world.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge has earned a reputation as one of the most intimidating spans globally. Its towering height peaks at a breathtaking 186 feet above the water at its highest point. As such, it instills a sense of vertigo even in the bravest drivers. Alongside its extensive length is a continuous vulnerability to high winds and adverse weather conditions. Of course, the bridge poses a significant challenge for individuals with a fear of bridges, or gephyrophobia.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge shown in profile view with bay waters in foreground
coastalpics via iStock

The bridge has two distinct spans linked by a series of imposing pylons. Therefore, the bridge is technically two separate structures. Its bi-lane, one-way design can exacerbate the unease felt by motorists. Navigating the crossing requires unwavering nerves as vehicles traverse the open waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Drivers are often buffeted by gusts of wind while surrounded by expansive vistas. This combo may trigger anxiety in susceptible individuals.

For some, the fear of crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is simply too overwhelming

Instead, they enlist specialized chauffeurs to navigate the crossing on their behalf. These “over services” act as a lifeline for those grappling with gephyrophobia. Skilled drivers transport both passengers and their vehicles across the bridge swiftly. While some may perceive this as an extravagant solution, for others, it offers a practical means of avoiding the arduous detour through Baltimore, which could extend the journey by hours.

One service, Kent Island Express, receives 10 to 12 calls a day. In addition to shuttling people across the bridge, the company offers parcel service for rushed items and documents.

Watch a video of the entire trek across the scariest bridge in the country below.