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In case some college athletes aren’t rewarded enough with scholarships, some are getting new trucks and SUVs. The team players at the University of Utah are pretty stoked with loaded trucks and SUVs. But how are Utah players allowed to receive such a tremendous gift? 

How and why are University of Utah athletes getting free trucks? 

A Utah University player receiving a free 2024 Ram 1500
2024 Ram 1500 | FTW360

Each of the 85 football players for the Utah Utes received a 2024 Ram 1500 Big Horn model with the Night Package. The trucks are leased, but each one rings in at $61,000. The deal is estimated to be at least seven figures. 

But this deal isn’t just for male football players. The men’s and women’s basketball teams just got their choice between a 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Limited Edition model or a 2024 Ram 1500 Big Horn truck. Then the Red Rock gymnastics team got the same deal. 

The vehicles are being provided by the Crimson Collective, a name and likeness (NIL) group that supports the university’s athletic programs. Third-party groups that want to pay for the use of an athlete’s name or likeness are allowed to play players and provide gifts. 

The Crimson Collective is paying for the vehicles and the insurance costs through collective donations. The football players are receiving leased trucks via individual six-month lease contracts that may roll over based on player eligibility and enrollment at the university. 

If a football player’s eligibility expires or they leave the university, then the lease will end. It’s unclear if the other teams have the same conditions. 

The Ken Garaff Automotive Group is facilitating the deal and the Crimson Collective has a deal with For the Win 360 streaming which plastered advertising all over the trucks. 

So, picking the right college to play for could make a difference when it comes to what you drive.