Why The Rubicon Is The Best Jeep Wrangler Trim

There’s always a few different Jeep Wrangler trims to choose between. You might see Sport or Sahara put on the side of the hood. However, the trim worth paying the most attention to is Rubicon. Rubicon means that it is a particular Jeep model that is the most prepared for going off-roading.

Why You Should Get The Rubicon 

The Rubicon is a Wrangler option that was introduced in 2003 to give Jeepers a few range of different options. 

While the base trim Jeep Wrangler is still equipped for a fun and sporty ride on and off the road, the Rubicon is ready to hit mountain trails and much more. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is built for the people prepared to explore the Jeep’s potential to go anywhere. 

You can customize your Jeep Wrangler until it matches or outperforms the Rubicon, but the Rubicon is already equipped with more off-roading capabilities. Therefore, it will save you a lot of time. 

However, that does mean that the Jeep Rubicon is a little more expensive. The 2020 Rubicon starts around $38k, while the base model starts around $28k. So, what exactly do you get for spending more on the Rubicon? 

What’s Included With The Rubicon 

The Rubicon is built with more robust materials to give it more strength and power for going down the beaten path. For example, it comes with off-roading tires for all terrains while the Jeep Wrangler comes with styled 17” tires. 

Also, the Rubicon comes with a separate performance suspension to increase comfort and stability on the trails. 

The performance suspension includes a Dana 44 axle in the front while the Sahara has a Dana 30 axle. 

The Sahara only has conventional locking differentials while the Rubicon has Tru-lock differentials. 

It’s also the only trim option that includes an electronic front sway bar disconnect. This is another feature that comes in handy for increased capability and comfort on the trails. 

It’s exclusive rock rails will protect you and your Rubicon if an accident should occur. Other Jeep’s don’t offer this protection. 

As the Rubicon is better outfitted to tackle challenges, it’s the only trim model with the Rock-Trac system 4×4 driving mode. 

This system enhances the Rubicon’s ability to crawl over rocks and other steep inclines without slipping. It’s a better crawler than the Sport and Sahara. 

Rubicon Features 

When you spend more for a Rubicon, you get off-roading upgrades on the exterior with premium upgrades in the interior. 


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You will get to wrap your hands around a leather-wrapped steering wheel and premium low backcloth bucket seats for a more comfortable ride. 

There is also a bigger 7” touch screen infotainment center while other options only have a 5” screen. 

The 115-volt auxiliary outlet is another exclusive feature that comes in handy for powering devices while camping or off-roading. 

Other than that, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon has the same engine and amount of power as other Jeep models. It has the same fuel economy and towing capability as well. 

If you can’t decide on spending more on the Rubicon to have a trail-ready Jeep, you can always save on a different model and outfit it toward your desired specs later.