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Cars, like any other machine, can have problems. Sometimes, that problem is specific to only a make, model, or year of a car, such as the F-150’s heat not working. Other times, it could be a generic problem that affects many car brands. Here are the common reasons why your car may be shaking when you’re driving it and what you can do about it.

Tire problems

According to Car Bibles, tire issues are the most common reason why your car is shaking. This makes a lot of sense, as tires are what connect your car to the road, and if your tires start shaking, then so will your car. Generally speaking, the best way to tell if your tires are to blame is if one tire is wearing and tearing faster than the other tire is. 

However, there are a lot of reasons why your tires might not be working properly. If your car starts shaking at certain speeds, Car Bibles says that it’s possible that your tires are unbalanced. It’s also possible that it’s not your tires’ fault at all, but rather it’s the wheels that the tires are attached to. In general though, if your tires are the culprit, then replacing, rebalancing, or rotating them may fix the issue.

Wheel hub problems

Similar to tire issues, your wheel hub, and its surrounding parts, might be the culprit if you feel your car shaking through the steering wheel. That said, Car Bibles mentions that it’s possible that it’s just an alignment issue. But, because of how the wheel hub is designed, it might be that the wheel hub and its accompanying parts are simply worn out. This is a complicated issue though, so your best bet is taking your car to a trusted mechanic.

Brake problems

If your car only shakes when you use the brakes, then Car Bibles says that the brakes might be the source of the shaking. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to address brake issues in your own garage. That’s why Car Bibles recommends that if you think that it’s your brakes, you should go to a trusted mechanic and tell them about this issue and what you suspect may be causing it.

Worn out parts in general

Cars will rust and get damaged, and that type of damage to many parts of your car can cause it to shake. Because of how this can happen to any part of your car, it’s very hard to say that this is the culprit without consulting a mechanic. That said, Car Bibles mentions that some of the damage to your car’s parts might have been the result of an accident. 

If you think that your car is shaking because it got banged up in an accident, then letting your mechanic know about that accident will be a good place to start. But again, since any part of your car can get old or get damaged, it’s difficult to say for sure.

Engine problems

Another common cause of car shaking is the engine. Car Bibles mentions that if your car starts fine but then starts shaking, it could be the engine. If you put your foot down on the accelerator and it starts shaking, it could be the engine. If your car starts shaking at a certain speed range, again, it could be the engine. 

Fortunately though, engine issues are easier to fix in your own garage. The usual causes of these engine issues, according to Car Bibles, is either due to a lack of air, fuel, or spark to your engine. Those issues can be fixed by changing your air and oil filters or replacing your spark plugs.

In the end, there is only one way to know for sure what is wrong with your car. Take it to a trusted mechanic. If you’re ever unsure about a problem with your car it’s best to not take any chances.