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There are plenty of myths about owning a car, and many of them have to do with the maintenance side of things. Rust on a car is one of those things that are full of myths and urban legends. Here are 5 of the biggest myths about rust on a car according to HotCars.

You can’t repair rust, especially if it’s already happening

Now, there is some truth to this myth, but it’s still largely wrong. If rust appears on your car, you can repair it. Not only that, but you can still put rustproofing on the rest of your vehicle. Rustproofing will still slow the spread of the rust down, so there’s no reason not to get rustproofing.

That said, here’s where there’s some truth to that myth. If you ignore a rust spot for a long time and allow it to grow, then eventually it’ll become too big to repair. That’s why HotCars says that rustproofing your vehicle as soon as possible is easily your best bet against rust.

You’ll have to consult a specialist if you’re not sure if you can repair the rust spot on your car. But generally speaking, if you notice some rust developing and you don’t ignore it, then you can repair that rust spot and prevent the rest of your car from rusting. 

You need to rustproof annually

This is a myth for many drivers but again, there is some truth to it for other drivers. According to HotCars, a good rustproofing job should last at least 10 years, thus, you don’t have to rustproof your car every year. However, when winter comes, things get more complicated.

A severe winter can damage your car in a lot of ways, and one of them is by causing it to rust. Rustproofing before a severe winter is something that HotCars does recommend. However, HotCars also mentions that you should consult a professional to see if you should do that constantly.

Rustproofing isn’t worth it

It absolutely is worth it. The only time when it wouldn’t be worth it is if you’re not planning on owning your car for a long time. If you are, then rustproofing is essential to keeping your car’s value from depreciating heavily as well as just keeping your car looking good for a long time.

And just like in other areas of life, it’s cheaper to prevent rust from happening than it is to repair it when it does. HotCars says that the cost of repairing rust is far more expensive than the cost of rustproofing, so if cost is your primary concern, then rustproofing is the cheaper solution.

Washing your car can cause rust

This is a myth that’s just the complete opposite from reality. That’s because rust can be caused by things like dirt and salt sticking to your vehicle. The best way to get rid of those things is by washing your car off. 

HotCars also mentions that salt is the biggest cause of rusting on a car, and the location and climate will play a big factor in how much salt comes in contact with your car.

If you’re driving near the beach or on a winter road that’s been salted heavily, you should take extra care of your car. Be sure that it’s rustproof in every conceivable area and be sure to wash your car off frequently to get rid of the salt. 

If your car’s in a garage, it won’t develop rust

This is just false because rust will naturally occur no matter what. Even if you’re up-to-date with your rustproofing and you clean your car often, metal will eventually rust. The question is, when will it rust, and all of the ways that you can fight rust will help delay it for many years.