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The Volkswagen Jetta is undoubtedly one of the most recognized cars on the road and has been for decades. The Jetta is known for being a reliable car, and for many drivers, was a go-to whenever the time came to make a new auto purchase.

However, dealers have noticed recently that the Jetta is not moving off the lot as quickly as it was in the past, despite the competitive price point and dependability that have made this model a favorite. So, why are Volkswagen Jetta sales dipping? 

Numbers have declined by more than half

It was back in the first quarter of 2022 that GoodCarBadCar reports that Volkswagen was able to sell 10,878 Jettas—a pretty solid number. Fast forward just one year to the first quarter of 2023, and sales were down by more than 50%, coming in at just 4,574.

That’s a pretty drastic decline, and some drivers have been vocal regarding their thoughts about the car. According to Edmunds, there are a few cons when it comes to the 2023 Jetta, such as the touch-sensitive steering wheel controls that are tricky to use, and brakes feeling grabby at low speeds. 

Several drivers even reviewed the 2023 Jetta, and not everyone had something positive to say. One customer went online to post that “The engine noise and the road noise was not acceptable. It is German-engineered but definitely cheapened by a pretty stark interior design.”

The new Volkswagen ID.4 is gaining popularity

Volkswagen’s electric vehicle, the ID.4 is really gaining some momentum, and some are left wondering if this could account for the decline in Jetta sales. The 2023 model is aimed at an electric vehicle for the masses. The car boasts a cargo-friendly cabin and excellent driving range. With a maximum range of 275 miles per charge, the starting price is $40, 290, making it not only a practical and comfortable choice for customers but a budget-friendly one as well. 

For the 2023 ID.4, Volkswagen reports that the locally assembled EV boasts plenty of upgraded technology features, as well as driver assistance technology, allowing drivers to enjoy adaptive cruise control, active blind spot monitoring, front assist, emergency assist, and lane assist.

All of these features may explain just why the 2023 ID.4 continues to pick up steam, boasting first-quarter 2023 sales of 9,758 units.

 Could the Volkswagen Jetta’s troubles be a supply chain issue?


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While the increased momentum of the ID.4 could be one explanation for the decline in sales of the 2023 Volkswagen Jetta, it could also be something as simple as supply chain issues. Volkswagen has acknowledged the supply chain problems in the current year, saying that they are optimistic that sales of the Jetta will normalize in upcoming months.

Perhaps it won’t be long before we see the Jetta flying off the lots as we’ve seen in recent years, as supply chain issues resolve and sales resume as normal.