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Any off-roading enthusiast is familiar with Jeeps. Models like the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee have the aesthetics of a luxury SUV while still being able to tackle any terrain. Its newest model, the Jeep Gladiator, has gained popularity for being the first Jeep pickup truck since the original Gladiator was discontinued in 1988.

Automakers often reach out to celebrities for endorsements. While some end up being strange or cheesy, these spokesmen and spokeswomen often increase the automaker’s sales. The latest celebrity to star in Jeep ads is Jeremy Renner in the Summer of Jeep commercials.

Jeremy Renner in Summer of Jeep

While most people know Jeremy Renner as an actor in the Avengers franchise, he also enjoys creating music. Oliver François, the CMO of Fiat Chrysler, reached out to the actor about incorporating his songs into Jeep commercials. Renner had already been featured in ads earlier this year for the Ram, so François knew he was passionate about the brand.

The first song Renner played for the CMO was “Nomad.” François was immediately hooked, believing it portrays the company’s current direction and its customers perfectly. Featured alongside an ad for the Jeep Compass, the song includes lyrics about being adventurous and having the freedom to go from one place to another without any obstacles.

The Summer of Jeep campaign includes two other commercials: an ad for the Grand Cherokee featuring the song “Party” and an ad for the Wrangler featuring “Ride Swap.” In addition to featuring the impressive cars, both of these commercials feature Renner singing on an outdoor stage to a crowd of onlookers.

Has the ad campaign helped Jeep’s sales?

The Summer of Jeep ads with Renner released a month ago, so longterm success remains to be seen. Jeep saw an increase in profits last year thanks to the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. The company sold 973,227 vehicles in 2018, nearly 50,000 more units than their previous sales record. Despite the latest auto recession giving some companies trouble, Fiat Chrysler has managed to stay afloat with the help of Renner’s publicity.

Past Jeep endorsements

This is not the first time Chrysler used music to market vehicles. Before the last Super Bowl, it released an ad featuring rock band OneRepublic. The audio didn’t include drums or guitars. Instead, the band played a piano rendition of the National Anthem against a montage of American flags and soldiers. This was a callback to how Jeeps were originally made as service vehicles during WWII, establishing its place as an iconic American car.

Another rock artist, Lenny Kravitz, was featured in commercials for the 2011 Jeep Wrangler. Less focused on the artist, this ad showcased the offroading prowess of the car itself. Still, it was nice to see the Wrangler conquer a mountain of rocks set to cool music.

While some may argue Renner’s ad is the cheesiest, we think that honor goes to the ad featuring Jeff Goldblum. The Jurassic Park actor starred in a Jeep commercial alongside a T-rex from the movie. If you’ve ever wondered how the Wrangler would fare in a world with dinosaurs, see for yourself.