Incredible American Military Vehicles Used in WWII

The World War II era was filled with new developments across many industries, and the United States Military reached an all-time high level of sophistication. New types of vehicles, weapons, and other defense tactics were developed and integrated into the United States military’s arsenal, and many continue to be used today. World War II saw a rapid growth in the types of land, air, and water American military vehicles that were available, and many of today’s military vehicles have their roots in World War II technologies. Amphibious vehicles, Jeeps, and other land, air, and water vehicles played a crucial role in not only leading the Allies to a World War II victory but in shaping the selection of vehicles that make up today’s military. 

Amphibious Vehicles

Now a popular tourist attraction in a number of scenic areas, the amphibious truck, or DUKW (pronounced “duck”), is a type of vehicle that can be used both on land and in water. Amphibious vehicles became common during World War II because many of the most crucial European countries could be reached by water, such as France and Italy. Using amphibious vehicles gave soldiers a quicker method of invading shores than having to move from boats to land vehicles. They were first used in 1943 during the invasion of Sicily, also known as Operation Husky, and they went on to be part of several other major Allied victories, such as the invasion of Normandy.


The Jeep, a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts, was also originally created as an American military vehicle. The Jeep was known by the Army as a general purpose vehicle, and it got its current name from GP, the acronym that the military used for the general purpose vehicle. The Jeep’s large tires made the vehicle an excellent choice for driving across the many terrains throughout Europe. American companies produced approximately 640,000 Jeeps throughout the duration of World War II, and over half of them were manufactured by Ford. While many Jeeps were intended for the American military, American companies also produced Jeeps for several of America’s allies, such as Britain and the Soviet Union.

Other Vehicles

While Jeeps and amphibious vehicles are often considered to be the most significant World War II vehicles, many other types of trucks and other vehicles were utilized during World War II. Cargo trucks, weapons carriers, and command and reconnaissance trucks transported people and supplies across Europe, and bulldozers and halftracks are examples of other military vehicles that were used as weapons. These vehicles joined tanks and other defense vehicles to grow the circumstances in which American soldiers were able to fight. New types of planes and ships were also developed, which helped to increase the United States Military’s overall capability. Because World War II was fought on land, in the air, and in the water, developing vehicles that increased the strength of the American military in multiple areas was a must.   

Legacy of World War II Era American Military Vehicles

Many of the vehicles that emerged during World War II continue to be iconic parts of American culture in the 21st century. Jeeps and ducks can be seen among civilians, while other World War II vehicles were early versions of the vehicles that are currently used by the military. Both allies and enemies produced other types of vehicles that were often similar to American military vehicles, and studying these and other historical vehicles continues to pave the way for creating new, highly-sophisticated military vehicles. Many old military vehicles are also currently included in museums with other military and historical memorabilia. Both car enthusiasts and history buffs can enjoy learning about this link between the past and the present.  

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