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Whether you’re an enthusiast or not, buying a new car is always exciting. But immediately following the joy of finding that new ride is the misery of getting car insurance. At that point, you may be in for a nasty surprise. Unless, of course, you know which vehicle types cost the most to insure.

Sports cars are the most expensive cars to insure

A sports car, like this blue Toyota Supra, is the most expensive type of car to insure
2023 Toyota Supra | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

As you might already expect, sports cars cost the most to insure of any vehicle type. However, the reasons may not be what you think. While admits that sports car drivers may drive faster, it’s more about the value of the vehicle and its components that is a problem.

Sports cars often share few common parts with less-pricey models, so when something needs a replacement, that part is often more expensive. In addition, sports cars are stolen much more often, and that higher liability leads to increased auto insurance premiums.

Luxury cars are cheaper to insure than sports cars

A white 2023 Lexus ES 350 midsize executive car/luxury sedan model driving past city skyscrapers
2023 Lexus ES 350 | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

This is where driver type makes a difference, as many of the same demographics buy sports cars and luxury cars. However, a four-door luxury car will cost considerably less to insure than a similar two-door sports car, based on application.

In short, insurance companies see the four-door as a more responsible choice and attribute that same attitude to the person behind the wheel.

Trucks are expensive to insure, too

Two full-size pickups. This vehicle type is among the most costly to insure.
Ram 1500 Rebel and Toyota Tundra Limited | Pickup Truck Plus SUV Talk via YouTube

Taking a surprising second, trucks are among the most expensive vehicle types to insure. However, the reasons are much different than those affecting sports car insurance. Instead, trucks cost more because of how they are used.

Because trucks have such a wide range of uses, insurance companies charge higher premiums expecting the truck to see a harder life. From off-roading to towing boats and campers, as well as daily work duties, trucks have many more opportunities for serious damage and repairs than typical cars or SUVs.

One common trait between trucks and sports cars is a high rate of theft. Full-size and larger trucks are stolen frequently, and as such insurance companies charge for the added liability.

Hybrids and EVs offer mixed insurance pricing

A red 2023 Kia EV6 GT compact electric SUV with neon yellow brake calipers parked in a forest parking lot
2023 Kia EV6 GT | Joe Parker – MotorBiscuit

The full picture of insurance data is still emerging, but hybrid and EV vehicles cost more to insure than their non-electrified counterparts. The reasons are fairly cut and dry: more components mean more liability.

From electric motors, complex regenerative braking systems, and of course, Lithium batteries, repairing or replacing a hybrid or EV is much more expensive than a traditional car. In addition, Lithium batteries can catch fire in a crash, damaging surrounding vehicles as a result.

SUVs are among the cheapest vehicle types to insure

The 2023 Lexus NX 350 F SPORT side profile
The 2023 Lexus NX 350 F SPORT in Ultrasonic Blue Mica | Amanda Cline, MotorBiscuit

Modern SUVs are some of the cheapest vehicle types to insure in 2023. Not only do they have higher-than-average safety ratings, but they tend to fare better in crashes than smaller vehicles. That reduces the risk of occupant injury and the need for replacement parts in a minor incident. However, some models, like Jeep Wranglers, Ford Broncos, and other off-roaders carry a similarly high insurance rate to trucks as a reflection of their intended use.

Want the cheapest auto insurance? Choose a four-door sedan

The cheapest vehicle type is the humble sedan, thanks mostly to the types of drivers that typically buy them. Of course, models like a BMW M3 or Dodge Charger are still considered sports cars, so four doors isn’t a simple ‘get out of high insurance rates, free” card.

Still, if you’re looking for the cheapest vehicle type for a young driver in your life, a Toyota Corolla or Hyundai Elantra is a good place to start.

Vehicle type isn’t the only factor in insurance costs

Of course, your auto insurance price is about more than just the vehicle type. Age, driving history, location, and even where you park are all major factors in how much it costs to insure your vehicle.
In addition, you can take measures to reduce your insurance costs. Installing anti-theft devices, choosing a similar vehicle with more safety features, and enrolling in driver safety courses can all help you save on your auto insurance premiums.

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