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Looking for value in a luxury SUV is not usually the right path. However, there is one luxury SUV from Lexus that can come pretty close to claiming that title. The 2023 Lexus NX offers value in three critical areas: safety, resale, and reliability. It doesn’t end with the NX, as Lexus offers many luxury cars and SUVs with industry-leading resale value.

Which luxury SUV is the best buy?

The 2023 Lexus NX luxury SUV offers good value
2023 Lexus NX 350 | Amanda Cline, MotorBiscuit

Even though there are many luxury SUVs, the 2023 Lexus NX is at the top of the list for value. Kelley Blue Book says the base NX 250 starts at $38,605 and comes with front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is available on most trims if it doesn’t come with it. Even though the fully loaded NX 350 Luxury is an excellent option, Lexus usually equips the base model with plenty of features.

NX 250 $38,605
NX 250 Premium$41,655
NX 350 $42,365
NX 250 Luxury$44,755
NX 350 Premium$45,415
NX 350 F SPORT Handling$47,465
NX 350 Luxury$49,815
2023 Lexus NX MSRP range

Lexus offers two engine types: a 203 horsepower four-cylinder and a 275 horsepower turbo four-cylinder. The upgraded engine offers a little extra power for everyday driving, which is nice to have. However, those on a tighter budget will be fine with the quiet base engine.

What luxury SUV holds value best?

The 2023 Lexus RX luxury SUV
The 2023 Lexus RX 350 | Lexus

Lexus luxury SUVs tend to hold value very well, and the 2023 NX is no exception. Since Lexus is the luxury arm of Toyota, it has a long history of reliability. That means shoppers are willing to pay extra for that reliability. This isn’t specific to the NX because the Lexus RX, GX, and LX are also known for resale value.

According to iSeeCars, the Lexus NX 350, 300, and 250 take the top three spots for small and compact luxury SUVs with the best resale value. The NX 350 held 66% of its value over the first five years, almost 12% more than the average compact SUV. Following that are the NX 300 and 250, holding 65.9% of their value over the first five years. Lexus has the top spot for resale value in seven out of nine luxury SUV categories.

If the Lexus NX is too small, the Lexus RX is one of the best-selling SUVs in all segments. The LX and GX are also bigger options that offer more space and the same high resale value.

Does Lexus have good luxury cars and SUVs?

Lexus has many good luxury cars and SUVs in its current and past lineup. One of the worst attributes of luxury SUVs is the tendency to lose value pretty quickly. All vehicles depreciate after driving, but some brands see a steeper decline than others. Even though Lexus SUVs are more expensive, drivers find that these cars and SUVs tend to live up to expectations. Since reliability is such a huge part of the vehicle experience these days, the long history of Toyota and Lexus reliability adds value in itself.

At the end of the day, Lexus has many SUVs to suit many shoppers’ needs. If a new version is out of budget, try finding a three-year-old option. This vehicle will have already depreciated some and might net you a better deal with a few miles on the odometer.


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