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SUVs in all shapes and sizes are on the market, making deciding on any new vehicle difficult. However, a surprising luxury brand has plenty of sport utility vehicles to choose from. Love it or hate it, Lexus has some of the best luxury SUVs in its lineup to suit the needs of most shoppers. What are some used Lexus SUVs with the lowest depreciation rates and best resale value? Check out the long list below.

What luxury brand depreciates the least?

Lexus recently had five used SUVs appear on MotorTrend’s list of vehicles that depreciate the least from luxury brands. The Lexus LX only depreciated 51.7% over the first five years. While that might seem high, it is actually one of the SUVs that held onto its value well over the years. Lexus has a reputation for building reliable cars, being the luxury arm of Toyota, and its SUVs have some of the best resale value around.

The Lexus LX is very similar to the discontinued Toyota Land Cruiser, which is known to be sort of indestructible. In that way, the LX is known to last a long time and offers a comfortable ride. Four-wheel drive is standard and has room for up to eight passengers. For the 2018 Lexus LX, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the SUV a four-star overall safety rating. It makes sense a large luxury vehicle such as the LX would hold onto its value over the first few years of ownership.

Depreciation is unavoidable, and all cars, trucks, and SUVs will lose some value as soon as it drives off the lot. Luxury brands have higher prices to start with, which means depreciation can be fast and furious.

Toyota’s luxury brand is Lexus

The Lexus luxury brand also has the large GX SUV, which comes in just below the LX in size, and is another one of the used SUVs with the lowest depreciation rates. This is another off-road capable SUV that has a reputation for being reliable. Estimates found that the Lexus GX only had a 53.4% depreciation rate over the first few years. While that might seem high at first glance, luxury brands have higher costs and higher MSRPs. That 53.4% is pretty good for a vehicle like the GX, with a good shot at hitting 200,000 miles.

Shoppers seem to like the body-on-frame designs from Lexus, but the crossover NX SUV retains value well over the years with a different style. The Lexus NX holds onto about 53.5% of its value over five years and gets better fuel economy than the bigger SUVs. As one of the cheaper options in this luxury brand’s lineup, the NX suits many budgets and shoppers.

If there is one SUV from this luxury brand that has continued to impress with value, the Lexus RX checks all of the boxes. It has comfortable seating for five and has good enough fuel economy. The RX is also quite reliable and comes with most modern safety features shoppers want. On top of that, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety made it a Top Safety Pick winner when equipped with LED projector lights. It has some of the best resale value in the segment, too.

Lexus SUVs hold value well over the first few years

While Lexus has added some new SUVs to the lineup in recent years, the options on this list make up most of the sport utility vehicles the brand offers. One of the benefits of selecting a Lexus vehicle is that it is technically a Toyota underneath it all. That means parts are more affordable, and maintenance tends to be on the cheaper side.

RepairPal gave the luxury brand an above-average rating overall and found that it had an average annual repair cost of $551. That is fairly average but cheaper than most brands. Lexus also has a lower frequency of visits to a repair shop compared to all models.

The Lexus RX is one of the best-selling SUVs on the market, and the luxury brand has only been updating and improving its lineup for the new year. For those who want a good balance of luxury and dependability, Lexus has repeatedly proven to be a good choice.


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