Where is Ram’s All-Electric Pickup?

The electric pickup segment is set to become a hotbed of activity in the next two years. But, it might do it without representation from Ram, at least for the short-term. Some of the automotive industry giants, such as Ford and General Motors, will have their entries in the all-electric pickup segment very soon. There are even new players that are going to participate, like Hummer, Lordstown, Rivian, and Bollinger. However, we have not heard much news from the Ram camp. Where is the all-electric Ram pickup?

A burgundy Ram 1500 Laramie sits in the curve or a dirt road.
2020 Ram 1500 Laramie | FCA

The electric pickup market is heating up

In January 2019, Ford announced plans for an all-electric version of the F-150 pickup truck. General Motors followed suit a week later by announcing that electrification was coming to the truck line. In November 2019, Tesla revealed its Cybetruck pickup truck. In February 2020, during the Superbowl, a commercial aired announcing that GMC would have a Hummer all-electric pickup added to its lineup. Just last month, Lordstown Motors revealed that they are also going to have an all-electric pickup, theoretically, for 2022. So, where is RAM in all of this?

The front quarter of the Lordstown Endurance electric pickup truck
The Lordstown Endurance electric pickup truck | Lordstown Motors

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What’s going on within FCA

Typically, if one takes a look at what is available under a parent company’s umbrella, there is usually an inkling of information to draw conclusions for the future. That is what will be done here. We will take a look at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, FCA, to determine what might be on the horizon for Ram. 

For example, if one takes a look at recent news, we learn that Jeep’s global boss, Christian Meunier, said the intent for Jeep is to make it, “the greenest, most sustainable SUV company.” Also, Sam Abeulsamid, Senior Analyst with Navigant, has studied Jeep and says, “Basically, every (future) Jeep they build will have a plug-in hybrid option, and they’re designing them to accommodate full electric, as well.” Those two pieces of information together grant us the knowledge then that the electric segment is alive and well within the FCA house. This is corroborated by the fact that Jeep just announced an electric version of the Wrangler. 

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Ram will have an electrified response

Ram is another manufacturer under the FCA banner. If the electrification technology is already in the house over at Jeep, then it is just a matter of time before it filters to the rest of the brands under the same FCA banner. So, we can confidently expect that Ram will be making announcements soon, debuting their electrified trucks. After all, Ram is a huge player in the pickup truck market. They would not let the competition slip by them without having some kind of response. 

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Ram has an uphill battle

The expectation is that Ram will get into the electrification game soon, although it will be an uphill battle for the manufacturer. Hummer promises an EV pickup with 1,000 horsepower. Tesla is offering the Cybertruck with armored glass. Lordstown is offering their electric pickup at a $52,500 price point. So, the competition is painting Ram back into a corner to have to fight out of. If the company does not act soon, then it might fall hopelessly behind as the competitors gobble up chunks of the electrification pie. 

Speculations that are drawn on facts tend to have some weight. That is all that has been represented here. An initiative for electrification at Jeep is happening. So, the reasonable hope is that the same will happen for Ram, a sister company within FCA. The only thing that is really foggy is the timeframe. That should probably be the more pressing concern for Ram right now. Meanwhile, the rest of us look on anxiously.