What’s Going On Over At Jaguar?

Two things are causing Jaguar to bleed red ink at the moment. Brexit, that pesky unknown no one can predict, and crawling to the electrified dance. Still, the British automaker does have lots of new products ready to spring on auto enthusiasts. Jaguar looks to soon be replacing every model it currently produces. In addition, there have been rumors they are looking to bring out two down-market models maybe after 2025. Are all of these new products coming soon enough?

Land Rover Ahead?

Sister company Land Rover might be outpacing Jag in the development arena. A new Defender is around the corner set to debut in 2020. A new Range Rover test mule has been spotted in and around the UK. From this will spring an all-electric version, but timing is cloudy at this point. By 2025 an electric Discovery will join its larger brother.

So, Where’s Jaguar At?

But what about Jaguar? We know that an electric XJ prototype was shown at the Coventry headquarters to World Car Awards jurors. XJ sales have slowly evaporated, with only 1,579 sold in 2018. Yikes! It’s Jag’s flagship, and needs something to break out of the sedan apocalypse we now live in. The release is at least two years off, while the current XJ ceased production last month.

J-Pace, F-Pace SUVs

Another new, big product is the J-Pace, a large SUV slotted above the F-Pace SUV. Jag has made no bones they are targeting the Porsche Cayenne with the F-Pace. It is said to share the aluminum MLA platform that the next-generation Range Rover shares, according to Motor1. A hybrid version is also expected.

A facelift of the current F-Pace was supposed to appear in 2019. Expect it now in 2020, with a completely new F-Pace coming in 2023, according to the UK’s Autocar. Again, a hybrid version is also coming.

XE and F-Type

Replacements for the XE sedan and F-Type sports car are also in development, with an F-type test mule seen in and around the UK. Rumors persist it will debut a completely new straight-six engine. The XE is set to debut in 2021, with a long-wheelbase version for China. Rumors persist Jag is in development of smaller A- and B-Pace vehicles, too.

Now’s The Time

Finally, Jaguar has promised that all Jaguar products will be available as hybrids, and some as full-EVs. This will happen over the next couple of years starting in 2020.