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Some depend on their cars more than any other possession. But you can’t drive to work or the store if your car breaks down. You can’t even drive it anywhere for repairs. So you should check out these reliable Subaru models, especially if you need all-wheel drive.

The most reliable Subaru models

RepairPal lists the most reliable Subaru models “based on the cost, frequency, and severity of actual repairs.” Repair Pal’s rating system ranks the Subaru brand mid-pack among 32 car brands. However, some models performed much better.

Subaru Crosstrek

At the top of Subaru’s list of reliable models is the compact Subaru Crosstrek, with an average annual repair cost of under $500. In addition, RepairPal data indicates that Crosstreks require unscheduled repairs one-third as often as the average compact SUV.

The chances of a major repair are about half that of the average vehicle. Those numbers put the Crosstrek on top of all other small SUVs.

Subaru Legacy

Next on RepairPal’s list of reliable Subarus is the Legacy midsize sedan. The Legacy ranks near the bottom third for midsize cars but still has an above-average rating. 

Average annual repair costs under $600 keep overall ownership costs near average for the segment. A Legacy needs repair about as often as the average midsize car, and major issues occur with average frequency. 

XV Crosstrek

Before 2015 Subaru sold the Crosstrek as the XV in some markets but soon dropped the XV moniker. However, it’s less reliable than the Crosstrek, ranking in the bottom third of the compact SUV segment while offering above-average reliability. 

The XV Crosstrek has average annual repair costs of around $600, putting it close to average for all vehicles. Repair frequency and severity of repairs are about average as well. 

Subaru Outback

With an average reliability score, the Outback ranks middle of the pack for Subaru models and other midsize SUVs. Average annual repair costs of over $600 make the Outback more expensive than the average midsize SUV but cheaper than other vehicles. Repair frequency and severity are in line with other vehicles’ averages. 

Subaru Forester

The Forester leads us into the bottom half of Subaru’s lineup with an above-average reliability score, but it places near the bottom of the compact SUV segment. 

The Forester’s average annual repair cost is over $600, about $100 more than the average compact SUV but on par with all other vehicle models. Repair frequency is higher than average for compact SUVs, as is the probability of severe or major issues. 

Subaru Tribeca

The Tribeca also has above-average reliability but ranks in the bottom third of all midsize SUVs. The Tribeca features an average annual repair cost below average for a midsize SUV and $100 cheaper than the average for all vehicle models. 

Repair frequency is nearly double that of other vehicles, but the probability of major issues is average. 

Subaru WRX

Another Subaru with above-average reliability is the WRX, which ranks near the bottom of the compact car segment. Average annual repair costs are almost 30% higher than average for the segment and more than all other vehicle models. However, repair frequency is on par with other compact cars, and the probability of major issues is a few points higher than average for the segment. 

Subaru Impreza

With only three of 36 compact cars rated lower for reliability, the Impreza is the least reliable Subaru. While its annual repair costs are lower than the WRX with a similar repair frequency, it has a significantly higher probability of major repair issues. 

Is Subaru a brand worth buying?

Overall, the Subaru brand offers substantial quality and value. Subaru features industry-leading AWD included on every vehicle.

While the Crosstrek leads the pack in terms of reliability, other models feature average annual repair costs across competitive segments.


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